Have a Greedy, Retro Christmas!

How chic (or greedy) would you be pulling this out of your bag for touch ups this holiday!

Retro Makeup case with the words “I only shop for me, myself, and I” printed on it!


The Muse doesn’t practice such a cruel art of gift giving but she does adore how cute this is (but I did order one for myself anyway and one for my sister’s stocking!).

Comes with a compact mirror, cherry lipgloss, and makeup bag!

Available from ASOS for 10.00 (ASOS ships worldwide).

  • 12/3/07 12:51 MandyPandy:

    Heehee! Maybe it’s because I’m Asian as well, but I can totally relate to that sentiment. I also like the ‘Queen Of F**King Everything Kit’.

    I LOVE Asos, but on a ‘look but don’t touch basis’; long distance relationships are the worst!

    I actually tried to order a Bourjois blusher a while back, and nearly fainted when confronted with the postage charges! It’s highway robbery!


  • 12/3/07 12:56 the Muse:

    LOL The “Queen of F*cking Everything” is so very me darling!

    LOL tell me about it! I have a severe addiction to English and Japanese bits and bobs :)

    I normally have my friend do the order and ship it to her place and I either pick it up when I’m on England or I have her forward it as it’s far cheaper!

    Sometimes you can really nab a deal on ASOS which is surprising considering UK prices are obscene a majority of the time! Year end clearance is always awesome for good deals!

    If you see something I can always get it for you *wink*


  • 12/3/07 13:25 MandyPandy:

    “If you see something I can always get it for you *wink*”

    Sticky fingers, love? Given the prices at ASOS, I wouldn’t blame you for utilizing the five-finger discount. Or the two-finger salute. I’m not sure which is a more appropriate response in the face of this exchange rate…


  • 12/3/07 13:30 the Muse:

    LOL neither! I meant a CP :)

    I wish I could say it was the five finger discount LMAO!

    However in the face of the exchange rate I do shudder in fear and possibly agony most days!

    Ahhh our dollar is the top seller on the market *so says I sarcastically*


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