Keep Your Skincare On Ice

I admit that I own a mini fridge that I store my skincare items in. A majority of my skincare items are Lush which means they are quite fresh and have an expiration date of a year or six months. I find refrigerating them keeps them fresher and long lasting (either that or I’m anal about what I put on my face). You can read about my skincare regime by clicking here.

About two years ago I purchased a mini fridge from Think Geek for a small chunk of change (I only keep skincare and cosmetics in it NOT food and drinks) however for $225 you can get a mini cooler that’s made exclusively for your skincare!

Check this out:

I’m geeky enough to think this is awesome!

Check out what it promises to do:

  • 12/4/07 15:08 hoan86:

    I remember when I thought about getting a mini fridge for my skincare and cosmetics and while searching they are only roughly 100 so while this is much more asthetically pleasing I wouldn’t pay over double for a smaller appliance that would function the same


  • 12/4/07 15:11 the Muse:

    hi hoan!

    I paid $98 for the one I have funny you mention that!

    It is cute but I wouldn’t consider shelling out 225 for a fridge!

    hell I can get a full size for that lol!


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