Megan’s Cosmetic Tutorial Take 2

The Muse’s little friend Megan is back and teaching us all about cosmetics! I want to adopt this child! She talks like a little English old lady! “Remember to smile!” I love her! Please let me have her! The Muse wants a army of little girl’s just like her to take over the cosmetic world!

Take a look:

How about those blending skills folks!? And the lipliner! Sheer perfection! Someone needs to remind Megan she’s gorgeous without the cosmetics 😉

Click here to visit Megan and her cousin Rows at Mostly Make Up (Mind you Megs is the genius behind the entire blog! I’m kidding, I’m kidding!).

Note: Megan is only 7 and she’s not really doing up her makeup for a night on the town! She’s simply a very little girl enjoying her older cousin’s cosmetics and having a little bit of fun! No children were harmed in the making of this video and I promise Rows spoils her rotten and takes very good care of her from what I’ve seen 😉 So no worries that Megan is going wild applying goops of cosmetics and running around London Town with it on and no Rows does not hold a shot gun to Megan’s head while forcing her to depot eyeshadow she only does that with her boyfriend! Hehe…couldn’t resist!

  • 12/29/07 8:44 MandyPandy:

    I don’t know whats worse: that a 7 year old can apply makeup better than I can or that Row is employing child labor to run her blog! I bet it’s not even one little girl; Row’s probably got a whole basement filled with adorable little Geordie makeup-urchins, depotting MAC eyeshadows and hiding pure china-white in the emptied pots! Sad, isn’t it? I wonder what she’d swap for one…

    PS: Thanks to you and Tim Burton, I’ve got Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir stuck in my head. I had to do another post!


  • 12/29/07 10:31 Row:

    Damn…how did you know about the shot gun…and Megan as the brain child….

    *hunts you down*


  • 12/29/07 22:47 the Muse:

    hey mandy 😉

    LOL! I imagine not only does she have gorgeous kiddies running around depotting but equally hot brits doing the debotting too! lol!

    I’m thinking we offer her a few hundred dollars in NARS and she’ll give us Megan with a ribbon wrapped around!

    LOL! I rock! I ROCK I tell you! hehe! LADIESSSSSSSSS AND GENTLEMENNNNNNNNNNN mau I have your attention PLEAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m sincerely been singing that in the shower every single morning! on top of that I do SBC’s Perelli part, accent included, quite well thanks very much! “and I blow you a kizz”

    Oh. my. god. I’m so going over to see what you typed up! i’m positively I’ll be pissing my pants 😉

    Your sarcasm is genius!

    *bows to your greatness*


  • 12/29/07 22:48 the Muse:

    Rows *mwah* hey me lovie

    I know all. I see all. Cannot hide anything from the Muse’s watchful eyes 😉


    I owe you emails! Will get to ’em soon 😉

    love ya!


  • 12/29/07 23:08 MandyPandy:

    Well, actually, I was interested in swapping for one of the cocaine filled eyeshadow pots, but yeah, if she can hide enough coca inside a tiny Geordie/Glaswegian (I can’t place the accent) tot, I’ll happily swap for that too. She’d better use plenty of bubble wrap, though!


  • 12/29/07 23:14 the Muse:

    have I mentioned how much you scare me?


    you’ve got the child for a bloody scot!


  • 12/30/07 3:12 Row:

    Hey no problem Muse, take your time!

    Mandy – Megan is a Manc! 100%, all she needed to say was, “Yer knor what I mean?’ and I’m sure you would have got it!! but I’ll tell her she sounds a bit like a Geordie
    “Whats a Geordie?”
    “Someone from Newcastle”
    “Whats a Newcastle”
    “Its a place”
    “Whats a place”

    Arrrggghhh! Ok maybe I won’t tell her!


  • 12/30/07 6:46 Ann the Queen:

    gosh she’s such a delightful child! i can’t imagine she’s better at applying e/s than me. and she’s using her small lil fingers!


  • 12/30/07 19:43 the Muse:

    Hey Ann!

    Agreed :) She’s so sweet!

    Imagine her in 10 years 😉 Bet her tutorial’s will be grand lol!


  • 12/30/07 20:33 MandyPandy:

    Row: Is she really? I had the hardest time tracing her accent. I’d almost figured it for a Brummie or Scouse accent (I know, I know, but if it’s not RP it’s a quandary to me).

    I have to admire her skills with a makeup brush; does she do weddings and special occasions as well? Will I get a discount if I mention your name? IDK, but she is way too cute for words!


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