More Bubbly For Your Buck!

Want a steal and a deal?

Head over to QVC and enter Item Number A74743 to nab yourself a trio of Philosophy Shower Gels that includes Bubbly!

You’ll get 16oz Shower Gels in:
Strawberries and Cream (Brand New Scent)
Melting Chocolate

Perfect Strawberries, Champagne, and Chocolate what more could a girl want?!

All Three for $35 bucks plus they’ll get it to you before Christmas if you order by the 19th!

I feel spoiled already!

  • 12/17/07 17:24 lucy:

    gosh, that’s tempting. They look beautiful. I’ve told myself no spending on myself before Christmas (I’ve been a bad girl!)


  • 12/17/07 19:47 the Muse:


    I’m awful! Every year I tell myself I am so not purchasing anything for myself and every year I go against my word and buy into it all 😉

    We are both evil evil girls!


    But I feel so good don’t you!?


  • 12/21/07 14:20 roxyroo:

    I got mine one day after shipment and I couldn’t feel more pampered ;).

    It’s been a loooog year! whew.

    Bubbly is amazing…shall cocktail with Champagne Supernova from LUSH. Oooooh…

    Thanks, Muse ;)! I would have never tried Philosophy until I started being more frivolous…er, more PAMPERING to myself.

    Now I want the chocolate trio from Sephora and the Red Velvet Cake *sigh*


  • 12/27/07 8:19 the Muse:

    hi roxy!

    Yay! Glad you like it! Oh gosh that’s a fab idea! Cocktailed with CSS will be lovely! I have the perfume so that’d be perfect right after my shower with Bubbly 😉 and maybe wash my hair with a bit of the jelly too!

    Yummie! good cocktail idea thanks 😉

    LOL you’re most welcome! Hanging around here will definately change your purchasing habits!

    I haven’t tried the Red Velvet Cake but the chocolate ones are not so bad! I live the Chocolate Dipped Strawberries that had on QVC! That smelled quite yum!

    Thanks for your comments! 😉


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