Shu’s "Simple" Gift Sets

The lovely Mr Uemura has granted us three Holiday Wishes with some lovely gift sets in Simple Sophistication, Simple Glamour, and Simple Drama!…hate to say it….total snore for me. These aren’t exactly something I need or want. Colors are really washed out and the price is a little tiny bit scary (wouldn’t be that scary if the colors were a bit more vibrant).

I guess if you love really natural looks this is a great palette for you. As for me, I’m skipping ’em.

I see only four brushes pictured but I think you’re getting six total brushes (ok so this is starting to sound like it’s worth the price tag now!) plus you’ll get a compact holding two shadows and one blush and finally a pouch to hold it all in. I might have to take back my earlier comment about it being a bit too pricey maybe this isn’t so bad after all! But colors oh god the colors….can’t we get something with a bit more sparkle and something more festive for the season!? I heart you Mr Uemura but I’m not so keen on washed out browns, grays, and blacks!

Simple Sophistication

Simple Glamour (Hmmm the green looks nice!)

Simple Drama

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  • 12/12/07 18:08 loey:

    Being a gift set, I think it’s not bad, especially when given to a Shu newbie, or someone who’s starting out putting on makeup.


  • 12/13/07 8:32 the Muse:

    Hi loey.

    after seeing it came with 6 brushes I’d say it was a good deal too! I just don’t like the colors much :( Wish they were a bit more festive and sparkly!


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