Start ’em Young I Say!

One of the Muse’s readers and mates, Rows, has a fantastic youTube video on her blog. Go visit Row by clicking here.

This is Row’s 7 year old cousin giving us a make-up tutorial. I wonder where her influence (and obsession) with cosmetics comes from hmmmmm!

How much are you loving the way she says “blusher” all proper and ladylike! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! This little poppet is positively adorable and I’m positive I learned a tip or two about application! I wonder where she pops off to when she’s on the floor? Studying her notes mayhaps?

Let’s give her 10 years or less and I’m positive she’ll have her own blog!

Note: She didn’t say “Ummmmm” once I could definately learn something from her!

Mind you she’s putting the eyeliner on correctly and you’re probably the one doing it wrong! 😉

  • 12/19/07 16:45 mascha:

    This is one of the most adorable things ever!!!! I posted it on my blog if you don’t mind :)


  • 12/19/07 18:45 loey:

    Her small hands make a Nars blush look so big! Heh.


  • 12/19/07 22:30 the Muse:

    mascha I agree she’s so cute! I wanna eat her all up! What a darling!

    I can’t lay claim to her :) She’s the cousin of a sweet reader and friend :) Just link back to her blog and I’m sure she won’t mind!

    I believe her cousin will be properly chuffed how famous she’s becoming hehehe!

    Loey I know lol! The brush is huge in her tiny hands 😉

    What a sweetie!


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