Tarte Friends and Family Discount

The fine folk at Beauty Blogging Junkie have posted up a fantastic Friends and Family Coupon for Tarte!

35% Off Using Coupon Code FF2007

Now would be a great time to pick up the We Wish You Wealth Palette! You can click here to view my impression of this palette!

  • 12/6/07 11:35 MandyPandy:

    ‘Tis the season for fantabulous discounts, apparently. I wonder if this isn’t due to the fact the 4th quarter has been extremely sluggish in terms of sales. We’re witnessing all sorts of new discounts. I found a great one for Becca on another website, but I’ve had trouble with their shipping before, so I’m really hesitant.


  • 12/6/07 14:13 Betsy:

    Hi Muse,

    I like the holiday theme on your blog now! It’s very festive.

    35% is quite generous! Most others aare 20-25%.

    It’s snowing here again. We now have over a foot of snow.



  • 12/6/07 15:06 CuttiBeBe:

    Izzy – the coupon code is actually FF07. I just placed my order. I swear, this will be the LAST purchase of THIS month!
    I got the Flat Top Blending Brush, Tools of the Trade (4-pc travel brushes), double-ended lipgloss (Jake and Samantha) and inside-out lipgloss (Apple-a-day). Total came out to be $65 and no s/h over 3 items. yay~
    I’ve had good experience with Tarte, so I’m ok with opening up my wallet for them Plus, the discount is 35%, not the usual 20%. There is no We Wish You Wealth set though, I think that’s sephora exclusive. Which reminds me, I should start using that by now!


  • 12/7/07 7:58 the Muse:

    Morning Mandy!

    Agreed 100%! I found one for Becca too but didn’t post it as I’m not too much a fan of their stuff 😛

    I must say it went from being Sephora FF Event to everyone and their mum having one!


  • 12/7/07 7:59 the Muse:

    HEY BETS! *hugs*

    Thanks 😉

    I agree! 35% is indeed awesome!!!!!!!! We had alot of snow this week but nothing totally as much as you!




  • 12/7/07 8:01 the Muse:

    Hey Steph!

    Oops thanks hehehe! Nice haul! I resisted all of it! I’m so proud of myself hehe!

    35% is beyond generous for sure! Nope no wish you wealth that’s definately a sephora guy! But still they have some other fine goodies 😉

    Thanks for the comment! I missed you!


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