Vincent Longo Wet Diamond Sparkling Eyeshadows on Specktra

The Muse is working the Specktra Blog circuit today!

A story of sparkle today!

Jump over to Specktra Blog to have a peek at my review and impressions of Vincent Longo’s Wet Diamond Sparkling Shadows! CLICK!

Don’t forget to say hi to Janice (the brains and beauty behind Specktra)!

  • 12/5/07 20:26 Heather Mary:

    OH MAN! those r GORGEOUS!


  • 12/5/07 20:59 the Muse:

    hey heather *hug*

    TOTALLY! One of my fav eyeshadows! So sparkley!



  • 12/6/07 8:45 Kitty:

    Muse, I didn’t get the contest. They don’t have a place to enter though. hm, maybe I need to find out more information about it.


  • 12/7/07 8:14 the Muse:

    Hi kitty :)

    Have you subscribed to the specktra newsletter or forum?

    If so you’ll be entered to win!



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