Fafi and Heatherette

in MAC

Coming soon to a credit card near you:

Can anyone say broke?

If that isn’t enough to make your credit card smoke how about:

Ok. I’m off to see how many more organs I can sell off to afford all this stuff (I’m running out I can tell you that much!)! Nothing this addicting should be legal….sigh………..!

How about you?

What are you REALLY wanting from these two color stories? How much are you thinking of spending?

  • 1/30/08 10:02 K.D:

    I can honestly say I am buying all of both collections except for fleshpot from heatherette which i already have 😀

    Ohhh, and fafi will be at bendels on the 13th of feb if you wanna meet her. I know i will be there 😀


  • 1/30/08 10:18 the Muse:

    hi kd!

    Oh my god we are so diseased as I say I’m definately getting all of it too!


    Really???? I hadn’t heard that! I wonder if I can make it! What time?!


  • 1/30/08 11:40 K.D:

    She is going to be there from 4-6pm i think, but the mua i spoke with (Lindsay at bendel’s) told me she might stay a bit longer. If you do call bendels ask for lindsay and tell her adina told you about it. Maybe i can score some brownie points that way 😉


  • 1/30/08 11:46 (g)ezebel:

    MAC is going to be the reason i file for bankruptcy. :0)

    i’m gonna try and control myself by purchasing only the things that aren’t repromotes. LOL! i always say that, and i always buy them anyway. *sighs*


  • 1/30/08 12:50 rocketqueen:

    Oooooh! I think I’ll get two glosses, two lipsticks, one blush, one PP. In the first buy, that is! Jeez! I wonder what Heatherette will have in store for us? Yummy!



  • 1/30/08 13:15 the Muse:

    Hi KD!

    Thanks 😉 I’ll probably be at work *sniff*

    I’ll call and ask 😉 and definately mention your name!
    brownie points are always good hehehehehe!


  • 1/30/08 13:16 the Muse:

    hi again gez 😉

    I’m with you! I might as well live out of a cardboard box so I can afford all this!

    god I thought I was the only nut that shopped re-promotes hehehe!

    We’d be great friends!


  • 1/30/08 14:51 MandyPandy:

    Fafi doesn’t do a thing for me, but I’m really excited about Heatherette!


  • 1/30/08 15:02 the Muse:

    I can’t decide which I’m more excited about!

    I’m surprised you’re not loving the Fafi!

    The Heatherette definately is thrilling me!


  • 1/30/08 22:31 Angelique:

    Honestly I want….nothing.

    For the past few months…three months, I want to say, MAC has done absolutely nothing for me. Heresay, I know, but it’s true. Nothing’s interested me. Nothing’s appealed to me. No colors bitchslapped me and yelled, “BUY ME YOU WHORE!” like they usually do.

    I do believe I’m getting disillusioned with MAC. It’s quite sad.

    But maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’ve seen pictures of Fafi on various Asian blogs I’ve encountered whilst looking for info on upcoming Givenchy collections (and let me say right now: this goddamn country better get in Rouge Interdit Shine or something’s gonna be pipebombed) and it’s way too cutesy and girly and pink for my tastes. Heatherette I’ve not seen but judging from that picture you have I’m not going to like it either.

    It’s sad. MAC used to be my favorite among cosmetics.

    Well I’m going to go watch “Dead Silence” for the eighteenth millionth time. Good night dear!


  • 1/30/08 22:54 MsButterfli:

    im soooo gonna be broke, I already got my lil MAC fund goin on already lol, sigh do that give money for donating blood??lol


  • 1/31/08 5:06 Row:


    I could so easily go into a MAC store and say I’ll have one of everything?

    Yet I rarely use MAC. I have bought up loads of collectiones from MAC but how often do I reach for them, when they are fighting with the likes of Lunasol, Shu, Nars, RMK, Shiseido, Stila etc. etc. etc.??

    Not often AT ALL.

    Also another thing is it takes us a MONTH to get stuff in the UK and by then I am bored of seeing them. Like I was dying for the N collection (released in a week in the UK) now I don’t really want anything from it? But a month ago, had it have launched early I might have added anything to basket but now…I’m not bovvered..

    Woo hoo! Long may my nonchalance towards MAC reign.

    (I love the look of Heatherette. Sigh. I can only hope I get bored of it soon. Go on muse – overload me)


  • 1/31/08 9:56 the Muse:

    Hi Angelique!

    You have way more willpower than me 😉 I want it all!

    MAC is a total addiction for me and I haven’t yet fallen off the boat on it!

    I hear people become disenchanted with it after a while but I’ve yet to experience the feeling 😉

    Enjoy your film 😉


  • 1/31/08 9:58 the Muse:

    hi MsButterfli!

    I got my little fund going too LOL! Save my pennies! Gee if they give cash for blood donation I’ll go with ya! LOL!


  • 1/31/08 10:00 the Muse:

    Hey Rowsssssss!

    I can say the same 😉 I wish we released later because I think I’d feel the same as you and just sort of get over my lemming once it was available for a while.

    Plus MAC your side is ridiculously priced!

    LOL! I’ll be a glutton for us both with heatherette 😉



  • 1/31/08 18:56 serenity.:

    oh my gosh, i am so excited to heatherette! i’m not that excited for fafi, but i’ll buy a few things for the CUTE packaging. i think i will blow an assload of money on heatherette. i want both the eye trios, lollipop loving and fleshpot, both nail lacquers, all four dual edge pencils and both beauty powders. it will definitely put a big dent in my wallet, but oh well. :) i think my hobby is cosmetics collecting.


  • 2/1/08 10:32 the Muse:

    hi serenity

    Me too! Me too! heatherette looks freaking amazing! I want alot of stuff from each story! Oh lord more makeup!

    Someone stop us!



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