Heath Ledger Dead?

Oh my god.

I just read this on the news!


How overwhelmingly sad!

I’m utterly shocked and speechless!

  • 1/22/08 16:23 nilla cookie:

    OMG, we can’t stop talking about it in the office right now. We just read the reports on Perez and Yahoo!


  • 1/22/08 16:28 Humming:

    I can’t believe that he is dead!!!!!!!
    I quite liked Heath and thought He is a brilliant actor…
    Having seen ‘Brokeback Mountain’ I really felt that he’s deep emotion sort of thing in it…
    which I loved.
    Wasn’t he supposed to be the ‘Joker’ in next Batman?
    It’s so sad to hear that he is gone now…lol
    Wonder what made him died from drug abuse..
    Amy Winehouse just caused storm in UK as well
    cos one of the paper got a clip of her smoking crack..;;
    What’s going on in the world…-_-;;


  • 1/22/08 16:56 Sofia:

    BOHOO! Quite a shock to log into my RSS-reader and see that Heath Ledger passed away, the first thing I do.. :( Bleh.


  • 1/22/08 17:37 MandyPandy:

    My goodness! I just found out on your blog! First Brad Renfro, now Heath Ledger. I don’t know either one of them personally, but for some reason this is very depressing.


  • 1/22/08 19:18 Hana:

    Isn’t it sad?! I’ll never be able to watch 10 Things I Hate About You the same way again. ;_;


  • 1/23/08 8:15 krasevayadancer:

    I was equally shocked upon hearing the news. It is so tragic when anyone dies that young. And it literally came out of nowhere :(


  • 1/23/08 8:16 the Muse:

    Hey Lilan,

    I know! My jaw dropped when I heard!


  • 1/23/08 8:19 the Muse:

    Hey Humming! *hugs*

    I couldn’t believe it either! So young and talented :(

    He was amazing in Brokeback! And yes he’s playing Joker.

    I think his death was accidental. He was depressed but I think he might have mixed sleeping pills with something else and unintentionally killed himself :(

    Amy Winehouse is on a severe downward spiral I feel quite bad for her!

    Britney Spears is next *rolling eyes*


  • 1/23/08 8:24 the Muse:

    hi Sofia

    Very shocking and sad :(

    so sorry to upset you with this crummy news! :(


  • 1/23/08 8:25 the Muse:

    Hey mandy *hugs*

    For some odd reason I found Brad Renfro very shocking as well! He seemed a normal everyday sort and didn’t look toasted at all! Neither did Heath for that matter!

    It’s shocking and very depressing! Such young lives :(


  • 1/23/08 8:26 the Muse:

    Hi Hana!

    Very! I loved 10 Things I hate about you :(


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