Jill Stuart Spring Collection 2008: Seductive Eyes

Jill Stuart’s website has been updated a few weeks ago with the Spring Collection. I just got around to looking through the site today and I must say the Seductive Eye Palettes aren’t thrilling me over much. Of course my inner cosmetic demon is screaming at me to get them.

Seductive Eye Palette Colors

I was happy to see the model wearing one of the palettes as normally the models appear to be very natural in the eye area but they have really went all out with the current model and did her eyes up rather nicely using one of the palettes.

Along with the four new palettes they released a new Cheeky Blush color as well plus the perfume that I reviewed yesterday (Click here to see Jill Stuart’s Cheeky Blush Line and Click here to read my review on the perfume!).

Overall, it’s a very elegant, beautiful collection as always but I can’t help but be a little disappointed.

How about you?

Want it?


Tell the Muse!

  • 1/11/08 2:27 Taryn:

    Geesh, they’re just basically a repeat of existing colors! I really love the JS shadows, but she could use to mix up the shades in her palettes a little more. I’m also sorry they got rid of the cute emerald-cut pattern on the palette shadows. The new one isn’t as unique!


  • 1/11/08 6:56 the Muse:

    meh :( pretty much. Plus two of the colors are matte. You probably read on iris’s blog about the matte shades. what a nightmare sigh!

    I’m debating on these. I really do want them because I’m diseased but the chances of using them are slim to none.

    I wish she’d just do something new.

    I agree not unique at all :(

    oh well money saved for us hehe!


  • 1/11/08 10:45 petitez:

    Definately skipping these. They look very similar to the past range. I wish they will come out with more interesting colours!


  • 1/11/08 13:51 the Muse:

    hello serene!

    I owe you emails love I’m sorry. I’ve been swamped *blush*

    I agree. I wish they did more fun colors! The same ones repeating is getting a bit of a snore!


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