John Barrowman and Bill Baily on Buzzcocks

Off the topics of cosmetics temporarily 😉

If you LOVE John Barrowman and Bill Baily as much as me you’ll adore this clip!

That’s my new catch phrase! “Talk to the hand because the wrist is pissed” hehe!

I’m not sure what had me laughing more Bill Baily with his “I ain’t never gonna be your bitch!” (But he never had a problem being Dylan Moran’s bitch now did he?! I crack myself up sometimes!) or John Barrowman completely agreeing with Simon about what a show whore he’s been of late (Dancing with Stars, Buzzcocks, Torchwood, Who, The Weakest Link, Need I go on?)!

  • 1/11/08 8:45 MandyPandy:

    John Barrowman is a GOD amongst men (well, a god amongst show-whores, anyway). He’s welcome on MY show anytime he likes. ‘Course my show is rated X and is set inside my bedroom. There is a live studio audience at every taping, however.

    John Barrowman. *sigh*


  • 1/11/08 13:50 the Muse:

    couldn’t agree more. You build the shrine and I’ll worship at it!

    LOL You’re such a perv! But I likey!


  • 1/11/08 20:10 Lucy:

    it’s funny, I like Captain Jack but not John Barrowman as much (sorry, am I allowed to admit that on here?? lol) He’s just seems a bit cocky- I mean, of COURSE jack is cocky too, but he does that angst thing to balance it out. Monsieur Barrowman needs to scowl more I suppose!


  • 1/16/08 7:29 the Muse:

    LOL Lucy! I think maybe you might be right. He is on the cocky side but I guess that’s sorta what I like about him! Plus he’s very friendly, social, and a likable sort. Stick him in any enviroment, with anyone, and he makes a great impression!

    I love both Captain Jack and regular old John Barrowman 😉

    It’s ok to admit you don’t like him! we promise we won’t stone you…maybe….kinda….sorta…



  • 1/16/08 23:50 lucy:

    aww, thanks! Anyway, I can’t cheat on my husband David (you may know my hubby…he’s a doctor). You can have John. We could do a double date. Ok, time for my medication! Later…


  • 1/17/08 8:35 the Muse:

    lucy, love, I don’t know if you know this but I too have a husband named David that’s a very odd…I hope we aren’t speaking about the same man 😉

    How about I just have the John David sarnie and call it a day?




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