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Smashbox O-Gloss Review

Ahh another completely pointless product! What would life be like without them?

I purchased Smashbox O-Gloss and have been using it daily for two weeks prior to sitting down to write this review and I’m still somewhat speechless as to what to say about it.

It pretty much lacks in all departments so save your pennies and don’t bother.

First of all the texture isn’t fabulous. It’s not tacky and it’s not sticky and let me tell you it’s definately not glossy. I really can’t think of a good way to describe how it feels going on. It just feels somewhat blah! It has virtually no shiny factor to it at all and it sorta kinda dries my lips a little bit.

The gloss is clear and it’s supposed to “match” your true color and of course I wasn’t expecting much as we all know how much of drama comes with Smashbox O-Glow but it’s safe to say that there isn’t any drama with O-Gloss as it’s completely and utterly clear and doesn’t change color at all, at least it didn’t for me. When you apply O-Glow at least it turns from clear to a delicate shade of pink upon contact with your skin but I can’t claim the same for the gloss. It virtually stays clear in the tube and on your lips. I’ve gotten no color at all from it. Zip, Zero, Nada!

Have I ended up with a bad tube? It’s possible as I’ve heard other reviews stating it changes to a bubblegum pink when applied but on me I just get the same dull flesh colored lips! Mind you I’ve been playing with it daily for the past few weeks and it doesn’t change at all! I wouldn’t mind bubblegum pink at least it’s color but it’s clear on me, completely clear!

The tube is $22 USD and definately not worth it as it’s a smaller size then your standard gloss plus it doesn’t perform the way it promises. Hell, I wouldn’t mind the price so much if it actually worked.

Sorry Smashbox I have to give this one a big thumbs down!

Not worth your cash, stay clear!


The Muse and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

My god it’s been the utter week from hell!

I need to rant a little!

I’ve been so sick since Sunday and I having thee worst agonizing sore throat EVER! If this wasn’t enough about two million other things have happened to totally unsettle my week!

My best jubako (I brought it while in Japan! It was sooooo freaking special to me!) was shattered into two million pieces this morning when I grabbed for it quickly! Ugh! GRRR! I was so upset I almost cried! To make matters worst I repacked my bits into a bento and that too freaking fell on the floor (my office kitchen is littered with the remains of my carefully packed bento right now!)!!! My god the horror! How freaking crazy is this!? *sniff* Bloody hell I find packing a bento very relaxing but not this morning!

To make things even worst…………!!!!!!!!!

I had billing reports due out today and Fed-Ex came early (they came at 10:45 AM?!?! WTH! They are supposed to pick up at 4:30 PM!!!!!!!) and they weren’t done this means that I have to make the stupid long track after work to drop them off at Fed-Ex myself! I wouldn’t mind so much if I was feeling 100% but I’m feeling about 10% at the moment!

It’s excruciatingly painful to swallow at the moment due to my very sore throat, I lost my keys and I’m having to use my valet key for my car (I’m so scared it’s going to snap in the ignition), I can’t find anything on my desk at the moment, my lunch is ruined…….

My stomach is growling at the moment as I haven’t eaten anything aside from hot tea in two days and I’m not below taking my chopsticks, sitting cross legged on the floor and picking the remains of my bento off the floor…..anyone wanna join me?

Pray tell what else can go wrong today?

Please can I go home now and back to bed?

Did I mention that I can’t find anything on my desk? I said that already didn’t I?

Someone shoot me….

Just shoot me…put the Muse out of her misery……


Miserable Muse

Hey guys!

I know many of you have come to expect daily updates from me 3-4 times a day and I just wanted to say sorry as I’ve been a bit remiss lately because I’m suffering from the worst sore throat ever and it’s making me miserable and quite weak!

I stayed home Monday and went to the Doctor yesterday but I’m still feeling very poorly today!

I have so much to do at my office today it’s surreal when all I want is my bed!


I thought I’d compile a list of past posts for you while I’m busy working and feeling yuck so you’ll at least have something to enjoy while I’m slow posting! I picked the posts by what you’ve been searching for on my blog as of late!

Hugs from your very sick Muse!

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Happy Reading!


Stila’s Spring 4 Eyes Palettes

Stila has introduced two new quads for the Spring entitled Spring 4 Eyes in two flavors, Montemart and Marrakesh.

According the Stila’s website each palette is mini size and the shadows are about the size of a US nickel!

They sound very cute but the price tag of $38 USD doesn’t thrill me nor do the colors! The palette itself looks quite nice with the silver embossed Stila logo but I’m not excited enough to shell out nearly $40 for a tiny palette!

Montemart is a cool palette that contains shimmering shades of pinks and purples while Marrakesh is a warm palette that contains shimmering shades of golds and bronzes!

They look very cute but I think I’ll be passing as I know of at least four other collections that have caught my eye and are on the top of my Must Have List for the Spring (Plus I don’t want to be caught in three months having spent the original price tag and seeing them on sale as Stila has been having a TON of sales as of late!).



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Heath Ledger Dead?

Oh my god.

I just read this on the news!


How overwhelmingly sad!

I’m utterly shocked and speechless!