Parado Eyeliner

Parado’s newest eyeliner could take the place of MAC Technakohl for me! It’s looks mighty fabulous my dears!

I love soft kohl liners as they are always a snap to use when you don’t have a steady hand for liquid liners!

It’s on my wish list!

Want it?
Need it?

This could reach Muse Approved status soon! Check back for my review soon!

  • 1/3/08 12:40 Anonymous:

    I just love your blog! You always cheer up my day and tempt me with so many goodies I’d go broke if I bought them all lol! I need this eyeliner but I can’t read Japanese ><


  • 1/3/08 13:17 the Muse:

    hi there 😉 anonymous!

    Thanks so much *blush* I’m glad you love visiting here and I cheer your day up with my posts!

    LOL tell me about it! Cosmetics are addicting and expensive!!

    I can’t read Japanese either but hell if I don’t want it hehehehe!


  • 1/3/08 15:18 Row:

    Oooh I say. I am facinated by the sheer amount of liners and things avaible in Japan. I ordered a SANA one! Which I shall review shortly. Looking forward to your review !


  • 1/3/08 19:15 loey:

    Technakohl is my holy grail eyeliner! (The only pencil/crayon from MAC that doesn’t budge on me). Maybe I should drop by my local Sasa to try to find this one. (I’m in Singapore BTW)


  • 1/4/08 9:57 the Muse:


    me too! I adore it! It’s a great liner! I’m curious about this parados one though :)

    I’m positive Sasa will have it! Lucky you wish we had a local sasa I can just drop by on 😉


  • 1/4/08 10:29 the Muse:


    Sana is awesome! They make a fantastic mascara from excel that I adore!

    I’m fascinated by the amount of cosmetics released in Japan period 😉

    So many great brands!

    Looking forward to your review!


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