A Pink Steal and Deal

I’m not particularly a big fan of Pink Sugar.

Yes, you read that right.

I hear the cries of rage right now.

SO many of my friends are addicted to Pink Sugar as if it were crack. Sadly, it does absolutely nothing for me. I love sweet, I love sugary. However, I don’t love Pink Sugar. It’s revolting to my nose. Sorry for those who love it. It’s just not on my love list.

However, I do know it has a quite a cult following. So here’s a Steal and a Deal for fans of Pink Sugar!

Head on over to QVC and enter item number A15376 to nab you a duo of Pink Sugar Hair Perfume Sprays!

I adore hair perfume sprays, too bad it’s Pink Sugar scented!

These are $22.50 for two 3.38oz bottles of the spray! I’ve never seen this offered elsewhere so it could be exclusive to QVC!

Happy Shopping

  • 1/10/08 7:37 Michelin:

    I’m totally with you, Pink Sugar does nothing for me.


  • 1/10/08 8:28 the Muse:

    Amen for other Pink Sugar haters :)



  • 1/10/08 14:02 MandyPandy:

    I don’t like it either. I have 3 sample tubes of the stuff languishing away. IDK, whereas Lavanila’s Pure Vanilla smells so sophisticated and sensual, Pink Sugar smells just like a body spray I used back in high school. It might have been from Parfums de Coer. Or Glade.


  • 1/11/08 6:58 the Muse:

    great big no for me too Mandy!

    LOL glade 😉

    It makes me cough. It gets right inside my sinuses and just UGH!

    Hate this stuff. Some girls really go ape sh*t over it but I truly loath the stuff! I like sweet scents and I’m shocked I’m not as crazy about it as everyone else but it just stinks to me 😛


  • 1/11/08 18:31 finsaur-venusy:

    Aww, I know Aquoalina used to make hair perfumes in other scents, but annoyingly enough I can’t find ’em now. Bah, it’s irritating – I looked all over the website (a Swedish store) where I *know* they used to sell them and now they’re nowhere. Boo! :(


  • 1/16/08 10:19 the Muse:

    hi finsaur venusy :)

    :( Aw sorry to hear it! Maybe they’ll come back soon!? Hopefully?

    I don’t even think Sephora sales these! I’ve only seen ’em through QVC so far!

    Good luck locating ’em!

    Thanks for the comment!


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