Sephora Glitter Spray

Welcome to my newest category, Pointless Products! This is where I’ll post on a occasion when I run across a pointless beauty products. And believe you me plenty are around!

Allow me to christen my new category with my first Pointless Product:

Seriously do people really purchase this!

No one adores glitter as much as me but the idea of a can of spray glitter sold at Sephora just scares me. This is something a local party store would sell during Halloween right next to the case of silly string!

Unless you’re 13 and going to your first boy/girl party this would be a very pointless product!

The Muse says stop being ridiculous Sephora!

  • 1/9/08 8:40 MandyPandy:

    I kid you not, I think I saw a Sephora employee wearing this crap a month or so ago. Her hair looked like a glittery, magical rats-nest.

    I can’t imagine a 13 year old wanting to buy this stuff unless she was planning to get high off the fumes. Granted, that WOULD make her first boy/girl party more interesting.


  • 1/9/08 8:44 the Muse:

    LOL!!!! indeed! Glitter high! I have those occasionally 😉

    LOL! It’s just such a pointless product that you’ll see on sale for 99% off in a month!



  • 1/9/08 20:40 Taryn:

    I think this product is created solely for the female gymnasts from the United States. Behold:

    I could barely watch the ’04 Olympic team because the glare burned my corneas.


  • 1/10/08 8:45 the Muse:

    LMAO! Nice link Taryn!

    LOL!!!!! I had to look twice. Indeed they must buy it by the case!



  • 2/11/13 3:02 Gina:

    haha i love it ^_^ I close my eyes and do this
    except than I put it all over my hair too


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