Sephora Steals and Deals

Nab a chic metallic clutch filled with tempting little samples when you spend $50 or more at Sephora! Use coupon code GLAMBAG!

Happy Shopping!

  • 1/30/08 11:55 (g)ezebel:

    well, shoot, i was trying to avoid sephora, but how can i pass this free stuff up? :0/


  • 1/30/08 12:47 the Muse:

    gez let me tell you I need VERY little to tempt me to order 😉

    LOL! This is just an excuse to do a new order 😉


  • 1/30/08 14:55 MandyPandy:

    I have this and although the bag is VERY small, I wouldn’t hesitate to use this as an evening bag. The only problem is that the material becomes damaged very easily.


  • 1/30/08 15:01 the Muse:

    you carry your meds around in it dontcha Mandy?



  • 1/30/08 15:52 MandyPandy:

    Haha, joke’s on you! I’ve been off my meds for weeks now! Wait, what?!? what do you mean, “that’s obvious”? No it’s not!


  • 1/30/08 15:57 the Muse:

    oh good that means we can begin working on creating our Asian baby together now 😉

    It was a tad bit obvious…just a little thought..not alot!

    can we name the baby Sakura? I don’t fancy Suri plus it’s taken….


  • 1/30/08 15:58 the Muse:

    ps you’re distrubing my work flow with your antics!




  • 1/30/08 17:14 (g)ezebel:

    meds? did someone say meds??!! *checks her own stash of meds*

    damn. i spent $80 in one click. *sighs* but at least i get a (useless) silver bag with free samples!! heehee


  • 1/31/08 6:49 the Muse:

    LOL gezebel :)

    You need the meds after dropping $80 bucks 😉

    but you’re right at least you got the useless samples and cheap bag! WAHOOO!



  • 1/31/08 13:52 (g)ezebel:

    so, my stupid card didn’t work yesterday and my sephora order got kicked back. HOWEVER, payday is today and direct deposit hit last night at midnight. what did i do? got back on sephora and promptly order $80 more worth of useless makeup i don’t need, for a grand total of $160!! doh.

    but you’re right, i got ELEVEN cheap samples and a FREE ugly bag!! :0/


  • 1/31/08 13:54 (g)ezebel:

    p.s. and my card worked this time..!!!

    p.s.s. we won’t talk about the $101 stila order i just placed (that also worked!), but guess what!! LOVETHAT coupon code expires today (free convertible color cheek stuff)..!! yay, more blush i won’t use..!!!


  • 2/1/08 10:48 the Muse:

    LOL Gez! Nice haul on Sephora and Stila :)

    Did you get the Stila coupon off my site by chance? I like to be the evil enabler of cosmetics far and wide 😉 LOL!

    Hey a girl can never have too much rubbish in her train case 😉


    I wanna see your haul when you get it :)

    reviews reviews!


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