Snowkei’s Blog

If you happen to be a member of Specktra you must know who Snowkei is!

If not do click here to visit her blog!

Sadly, I’m unable to read any of it however you can see her FOTD’s as she posts them and I promise they are outstanding!

Snowkei totally rocks my world and has makeup application down to a fine art! I love her color combos and many of them have been inspirational to some of my own combos!

Definitely check her out!

  • 3/20/08 10:31 snowkei:

    thanks sweety, feel shy to see this introduction :$


  • 3/20/08 14:02 the Muse:

    hi snowkei

    I’m a big fan of yours 😉

    Don’t feel shy hehe!



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