Stila Resort Collection

Stila’s Spring Collection is in the air! The collection includes one blush duo and three eyeshadow trios. All are repromotes aside from a new shade in one of the eyeshadow trios. To be honest all the trios look brand new to my eye especially gold glow.

It’s a very nice collection but not prominent on my Spring Collection Wish List!

Cheek Duo in Pink Glow

Eyeshadow Trio in Gold Glow

Eyeshadow Trio in Bronze Glow

Eyeshadow Trio in Champagne Glow (Newest Shade)

  • 1/10/08 8:15 Ann the Queen:

    ohhh.. how much is the shadow trios?!

    i think i’ve been away from this comment box for such a long time! but i’m finally back! *hugs izzy!*


  • 1/10/08 8:22 the Muse:

    hello ann 😉

    Missed you *hugs*

    I’m glad to see you back hehehe!

    The trios (and blush) are $24 so not too bad. They look nice for summer looks!


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