T’estimo FOTD

I don’t have any new FOTD’s so I thought I’d dig out one from a few weeks ago.

I don’t like how this came out much! It’s a bit too dark and makes my eyes look tired. Oh well!


What I Used:

T’estimo Grande Shine Eyes Palette in Brown Variation 03 (Read more about T’estimo by clicking here)
Shiseido Maquillage Mascara

L’oreal Blush Delice in Sugar Plum

Sony CP Lip Silicon in 502

That’s it!

  • 1/29/08 17:12 Dalenna:

    heeeeyy!!! i have one of those grande shine eyes…although i haven’t tried them yet. STILL!!! in know. will have to try them later. i actually think your upper lids look lovely. perhaps try lining the outer corners of your lower lids with a cooler shade of brown (or try navy! it’ll bring out your pretty brown eyes!) instead to ward off the sleepies (and make your cheeks and pouts pop!). who says you have to use all the colors in the palette? hmm? 😛

    *HUGS* right back!


  • 1/30/08 11:45 the Muse:

    good morning sunshine 😉

    I have the t’estimo palettes 😉 I’ll miss it so badly :(

    LOL don’t feel bad I’m the same way with palettes! They sit around and I don’t try them out for ages!

    Hey good idea! Navy would look awesome :) I must say the brown on the bottom lines makes me look rather tired! I might try navy or a gold next time 😉 Thanks for the suggestions love!

    LOL indeed! I always feel like I HAVE to use every single color in a palette!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad habit!



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