What’s your OS?

One of my readers, Dalenna, must know me a bit too well! To cheer me up she sent me a rather great geeky image!

Do check it out:

That’s right my OS will kick your OS’s butt!


Thanks Dalenna! Totally made my day!

I’m particularly delighted with the personality of Winblows!

  • 1/29/08 13:44 Dalenna:

    you’re very welcome my dear Muse 😀 i remember one particular YouTube video in which the Winblows personality storms Yahoo! Japan’s headquarter office and xeroxed his butt and passes them out during a marketing meeting that was seriously going on :DD i thought i’d died laughing. will send later once i find it!

    much love to the Muse <3


  • 1/29/08 15:29 Row:

    Say Say Say!

    I love hard gay, how DARE they compare him to Vista!


  • 1/29/08 17:06 Ruby:

    Hard Gay!


  • 1/30/08 9:51 the Muse:

    hi Dalenna!

    Oh my totally cracked me up when I seen it! Thanks for sending :)

    LOL I’d love to see that one :) Sounds hysterical! And Hard Gay is a fav of mine! Totally cracks me up with his movements and antics!

    Many bigs hugs in return :)


  • 2/8/08 10:56 mag:

    LOL! What a cute picture! HARDOOOH GEEEEI!


  • 2/8/08 11:59 the Muse:

    hey mag :)

    LOL I heart him!


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