Dior Vernis Long Wearing Nail Lacquer

Dior is releasing a new nail varnish for the Spring entitled Dior Vernis which will be $19 USD and available shortly from Sephora.

It’s rare I take good care of my nails. I’m a biter, a picker, and generally naughty when it comes to taking good care of my nails! However, on a rare occasion I do take sometime out to treat my nails better and even, gasp, have them done!

Now I have an extra excuse to start taking care of my nails with Dior’s new lacquer being introduced. The color is a vibrant, bold blue that the Muse likes alot!

I haven’t been this excited about a nail varnish since Chanel’s Black Satin release!

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  • 2/25/08 11:14 Allysia-May:

    Oh, i’ll certainly be rooting for this one. The chanel black satin is sold out where i live so i’m currently looking to bid for it on e-bay. Though i’ve just purchased a set from Nails Inc. Hopefully this Dior one would come up on e-bay as i love blues, purples, dark reds and black.


  • 2/25/08 12:40 Adina:

    Chanel Blue Satin no 2? 😉


  • 2/25/08 12:53 the Muse:

    hi Allysia-May!

    Me too! I remember when people were paying a gazillion dollars for it on E-bay :)

    I love the blue on this. It’s so deep and rich!



  • 2/25/08 21:38 Jennifer:

    booo my posts don’t seem to be getting through lately :(. i hope this one does. i have both Chanel Black Satin and Blue Satin, and IMO blue satin looks almost exactly like black satin when it’s on-my SO’s convinced it’s black and so i’ll probably be giving away both bottles. the dior blue is much prettier from what i’ve seen, but i can’t bring myself to buy another bottle of $20 nail polish just yet…maybe next week!


  • 2/25/08 22:14 the Muse:

    Hey jen!

    sorry :( It’s blogger. Seems to be a bit slow and buggy today!

    I have both too but I noticed Blue Stain stains my nails. After I remove it my nails it remains for a while which I find weird and kinda gross!

    For me the dior blue is much more vibrant!

    Mmm true. It is kinda pricey for a single bottle of nail varnish!

    I wish I had gotten the mac ones from blue storm now.

    cheaper 😉


  • 2/26/08 11:57 Grayburn:

    Oh I love any lacquer that is either blue or black! What do you think of the new light blue shade from Chanel?



  • 2/26/08 13:44 yummy411:

    Yum! I want it. I wanted the Dior decals when they came out a long time ago (5+ years ago) I hope this blue is more vibrant and much better than Chanel’s version.


  • 2/27/08 6:25 Sminkan:

    Blue is a fabulous colour and I do have at least 10 different shades of blue polish. I am waiting for OPI Yoga-ta get this Blue right now, and I think it will be the final touch in my collection. But who knows? It is always nice to find a new shade nailpolish to adore!

    And dark greens I could have som more of. Why are there no green nail polishes about? I only have a few of them…


  • 2/27/08 12:35 the Muse:

    hey Grayburn!

    waaa!? what light blue!? Tell me tell me tell me!


  • 2/27/08 12:50 the Muse:

    hi yummy411!

    I can’t say I remember the decals? AH! I want decals 😉 This is much more bold I agree! Gorgeous!


  • 2/27/08 12:52 the Muse:

    hi Sminkan!

    I love seeing your NOTD photos :) They always look so awesome and you choose outstanding bold shades! Yum!

    I should take better care of my nails!

    Halloween has some pretty funky colors hehehe! Have to wait for the Holidays for greens and blues and oranges too 😉


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