Ghosts of Christmas Past Sale @ Lush

Missing Snowcake? Want more Cocktail?

No problem!

Lush is having a sale at the moment and you can get all your favorite Lush goodies for 30-60% off! It’s rare that Lush discounts so now is a SUPER good time to stock up and save! Especially since they have Snowcake!

I mean who doesn’t need more Snowcake right? CLICK to Shop!

The Muse is stocking up and highly suggests you stock up too! I’m betting by morning it’s all gone!

Happy after Christmas shopping!

  • 2/18/08 19:45 Betsy:

    Good evening! Thanks for the tip. I ran over to the website immediately but didn’t see the sale site. I hope you are well! I also liked your more shimmery version of the purple and green FOTD. Cheers & hugs!


  • 2/19/08 7:39 the Muse:

    hey bets!

    Emailed you a linkee and fixed my original post to include the link DUH!

    I hope you stocked up on snowcake 😉

    I’m ok! Need to reply to an email from you soonish :) *mwah*

    Hope you’re well!

    Thanks so much! Glad you loved the purple and green :) I wasn’t sure about it!

    Hugs right back at you!


  • 2/19/08 11:08 lucy:

    yah, I stocked up yesterday- geez, LUSH like stealing my money! Are you going to partake in the retro week next week?


  • 2/19/08 11:58 the Muse:

    hey lucy!

    Your comment went through!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lush loves to steal my money 😉

    I’m debating on retro! I’m stocked up on everything but I sure would love a few bottles of ice blue shampoo! And also would like a few chunks of Queen of Hearts.

    When are they doing bulk ordering?

    Week of the 25th right?

    What about you?



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