Happy Lunar New Year!

You seriously didn’t think I forgot about Chinese New Year did you!?

I wanted to wish all my readers in China (My stats say there are a ton of you!) a very Happy, Healthy Lunar New Year! And of course those of you stateside I wish you the same!


PS Don’t mind the pig 😉 I was loving this particular image but they didn’t seem to have a rat about hehe!

  • 2/7/08 16:02 Weina:

    hey~~~ i love ur blog, and u have such an amazing selection of makeup. im kinda amazed the fact that a white girl would love japanese makeup,(no racial offense or anything here. ^_^). happy new year to you too~~!!! XDDDD


  • 2/7/08 16:24 CuttiBeBe:

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy New Year!


  • 2/7/08 16:25 May:

    Hello! Saw your comment on Vanessa’s blog and I’m pretty sure I remember reading somewhere if you have the Shu curler and take it to a Shu counter they will give you a pad for free. This was years ago, but worth a try!


  • 2/7/08 16:49 Dalenna:

    hey! happy lunar new year to you too! MUAH!


  • 2/8/08 10:31 the Muse:

    Hi Weina!

    Thanks so much! I’m glad you’re loving my blog 😉

    No offense at all :) I have a deep love of Asia and it’s cultures and people :) Especially the makeup…kidding..

    I have many friends that are of some Asian descent and being exposed to their families and cultures and such is rather fascinating and given me a deep love and appreciation of Japan, China, Korea, etc..!

    I spent a bit of time in Japan as well and it was one of the best experiences of my life 😉

    Thanks for the comment and Happy Lunar!



  • 2/8/08 10:32 the Muse:

    Hey Stephie! *mwah*

    Gong Xi Fa Cai sweetie!

    I hope you’re well!

    You’re missed around here!


  • 2/8/08 10:33 the Muse:

    Hi May!

    Wow that’s interest to know. Thanks!

    It’s definately worth a try!!!!!!! Thanks for the tip babe!



  • 2/8/08 10:59 Ping.:

    thanks! happy chinese new year to you too! haha but I’m from a Asia country not China. hehe


  • 2/8/08 11:03 the Muse:

    LOL Ping :)

    Sorry! Allow me to extend my happy lunar new year too you outside of China of course :)

    Where are you from? I don’t even know *blush*



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