Japanese Spring Collection Cosmetic Week Concludes

It’s sadly the end of the week and I have to bring a close to Japanese Spring Collection Week!


I wish I had more time on the weekend to update but I find I get too busy to blog during the weekends so you guys will have to wait until Monday for more goodies!

The wait will be worth it! I promise sweet treats for next week’s entries!

Sneak Peek for next week:

Majolica Majorca’s Spring Collection
KATE’s Spring Collection
Ablion Epirse Spring Collection
Ettusais Glitter Princess Collection (Click here for details)

And much, much more!

If you missed any of my posts this week here’s a break down of what I’ve covered so far:

Click here to see KATE’s New Gel Mascara Reviewed!

Click here to read about Lavshuca’s Spring Collection!

Click here to see the Kiss Chocolatier Spring Collection with an FOTD!

Click here to see Lavshuca’s new Noble On palettes in action!

Click here and here to see some of the new Magie Deco, Jill Stuart, and Lunasol Palettes from the Muse’s mate and reader, Betsy!

If you’d like to discuss any of these brands, have any questions, or anything else do post ’em here! The Muse is all ears!

  • 2/8/08 13:45 Bambi:

    Friday already?! This week’s gone by so slowly.

    I used to not use the sunglasses I bought because I was scared incase what people might think, but then I forced myself to buy expensive ones because I knew I wouldn’t wanna waste the money, haha.

    I love ASOS, and I agree that prices can be crazy. In Summer I was addicted to ASOS and I’d buy about 70 worth every 3-5 days until I realized it would show up on my dad’s credit card bill and he’d be mad, he was because it totaled upto about 1,200, but I paid most of it back then he told me he’d pay the rest, so it’s all good. xD


  • 2/9/08 7:10 Anonymous:

    why start your own beauty dissucssion forumn?


  • 2/10/08 21:26 (g)ezebel:

    that pic of the cherry blossoms is soooooo pretty..!!!


  • 2/11/08 9:13 the Muse:

    hey bambi!

    I know! It went major slow and the weekend, as always, with major fast.

    I have a problem with wasting money on expensive sunglasses and never using them. ever. Lord.

    LOL Your dad sounds very nice 😉 Believe me I know the feeling. I’m a bit of a shopaholic at times!

    Hugs darling!


  • 2/11/08 9:14 the Muse:

    hi Anonymous

    Not sure what you mean? Do you mean start my own forum?


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