Kesalan Patharan Spring Collection 2008: Spring ColorVeil

Kesalan Patharan website has been updated with the newest Spring Collection and it looks very promising which means I’ll definately be bugging friends to get me some of this!

The base creator looks very nice which consists of a Nuance Color, Highlight Color, Cheek Color, and Shading Color. Knowing me I’d just dip my entire fluff brush in it and just smooth it over my face to lighten and freshen up my look!

Two selections are available for the Base Creator which are the Orange and Pink. Both shades are LE and 4200 yen each.

Three lipglosses have been introduced as well which are LE and 2300 yen each. They all look super nice! The colors are very vibrant and bold! I’m loving these and particularly liking the darkest shade of pink.

Lipgloss Color Selections:

Other items available are new colors of the Facecolor N palettes in a brown and blue selection:

They also happened to update with some new brow powders and such but these don’t really hold much interest to me!

The real star of the show are the gorgeous, bold, vibrant glosses! At least for me these are definately appealing!

Overall, it’s a very nice set of goodies!

Want any of this for your very own?

Love it?

Tell the Muse!

  • 2/11/08 9:35 Row:


    It doesn’t thrill me this collection. I’m on product over load me thinks?

    Emailed ya too over the weekend



  • 2/11/08 9:39 the Muse:


    don’t say that!

    LOL well maybe I am too but the glosses look awesome dontcha think!?

    Owe you two emails I think!

    I will reply soonish me love :)


  • 2/11/08 13:20 Dalenna:

    i like the powder, especially the orange one!


  • 2/11/08 19:02 the Muse:

    me too d! I like the orange gloss too! reminds me of an icee pop!


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