Argggggrrrrrrrrr! Comments Go Bye Bye!

Just a quickie note!

If you left me a comment today it might have been swallowed whole by blogger. I’m missing about ten comments from the Heatherette post, about five on the Korean Cosmetics post, and a few others here and there.

I wanted to tell you guys just in case you didn’t get a reply!

I’m not ignoring you I promise! Blogger is just being pissy!

Hugs from the Muse to make up for the lack of replies 😉

  • 3/21/08 9:15 Jennifer:

    oh boooo. i posted a comment on the korean post and it didn’t show up, so i posted another comment and i think it got swallowed as well :(. i think i’ll e-mail you :).


  • 3/21/08 10:11 the Muse:

    hey Jennifer!

    I don’t think I have yours?

    Do leave it again or email :)

    The post was for you after all :)

    I hope you enjoyed it!


  • 3/21/08 12:24 Joanna Schmidt:

    Love the cat picture. I feel like that often with blogger!!


  • 3/21/08 22:16 the Muse:

    lol joanna 😉

    me too…me too!


    something is always NOT working around here 😛


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