Bath and Body Works Takes On Easter

Me want the duckie!

I can’t help myself. I want these. Now. But I’ll wait for them to hit the sale rack at Bath and Body Works!

Oh my god so cutes!

A duckie with ears hehe!

  • 3/19/08 12:59 MandyPandy:

    Ducks with bunny ears?!? Sick! Bath and Body works has toyed with the very fabric of nature and cursed us with this squishy abomination! God will not be pleased…

    Yeah, I want one too, but I heard those things are chock-a-block full of crazy chemicals. So say the British. And they’re NEVER wrong.

    PS: if I posted my previous remarks about the Body Shop under this entry, please delete it or post it under the entry above. Sorry about that.


  • 3/19/08 14:14 nilla cookie:

    Oh gosh, I want these just for the sheer cuteness of them! I’m starting to heart BBW more and more – they’re really creating cute products lately!


  • 3/20/08 7:32 the Muse:

    hey mandy :)

    Well you’ve killed my lems and saved me cash 😉 Thanks honey!

    I don’t normally like cream highlighters anyway 😛

    I will wait though and see if I can nab the shadows and maybe one blusher on sale!

    LOL No indeed God Won’t be pleased with ducks and ears 😉


    I’ve heard the same but since they are so cute we’ll forgive both body shop and the british for letting us know that 😉 Ignorance is bliss when it comes to cute shit lol!

    It’s ok. Post wherevers ya wants 😉

    I’m just happy to see you!


  • 3/20/08 7:35 the Muse:

    hey miss cookie!

    Well according to Mandy we might lose a limb if we buy one 😉 lol!

    BBW comes up with some killer stuff lately agreed!

    the lambies were awesome 😉

    hugs suri san 😉


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