I Heart the 80’s FOTD

Tis 80’s Monday girlies!

A few of us on the blogsphere got together and decided to do some 80’s looks! The looks are popping up everywhere and they look fab!

For mine I went with a really vibrant orange and fuschia combo. My inspiration came from Cyndi Lauper’s brilliant orange hair back then!

What I Used:

MAC Eyeshadow in Firepot
Make Up For Ever Star Powder in Iridescent Fuschia 951

MAC Heatherette Lipglass in Style Minx

MAC Beauty Powder in Serenely
MAC Pro Blush in Full Fuchsia

Check out other 80’s FOTD’s around the blogsphere today by following the links below (not everyone has their looks posted yet so keep checking throughout the day):

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Mrs. Lynne
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  • 3/31/08 8:16 nilla cookie:

    Miss Muse!

    Orange and fuschia sounded scary, but they look HOT on you!! I love Style Minx on your lips!! All hail the 80s!! :)


  • 3/31/08 9:26 A*M*Y:

    Girls justa wanna have fun! Gotta love the 80’s! :]


  • 3/31/08 9:32 the Muse:

    cookie you’re working the robert palmer look!

    Love it 😉

    Awww thanks 😉

    I should have teased my hair up for the occasion 😉 but I was running to work in this makeup mind you 😉



  • 3/31/08 9:43 the Muse:

    they just wanna they just wannaaaaaaaaaa!

    hehe Amy 😉


  • 3/31/08 9:44 MandyPandy:

    Awww. I really wanted some do his or her take on Jem and the Holograms style 80’s makeup. Come on, Izzy! It’ll be fun (and truly outrageous).


  • 3/31/08 9:57 the Muse:

    dude this was like brain surgery just to figure out 😉

    I do bold looks everyday so doing an 80’s look just wasn’t challenging enough!

    I was going to go with major black eyeliner smeared down my eyes a la raccoon 80’s but I decided that I’d best keep it simple with orange and pink 😉


  • 3/31/08 10:32 Sminkan:

    Love it! Love the 80’s and love the colors! Very vibrant and filled with energy!


  • 3/31/08 10:38 MakeupWithLakahna:

    i love your colorful eyes! the colors are perfect. girls definately just wanna have fun!


  • 3/31/08 11:13 Allysia-May:

    WOW! This is some firece look and you pull it off nicely. I’m not bold enough for bright colours at all.


  • 3/31/08 11:32 the Muse:

    hi Sminkan!

    Thanks! 😉 You should an 80’s look :)


  • 3/31/08 11:34 the Muse:

    hi MakeupWithLakahna!

    Thanks!!!!!!!!! 😉


  • 3/31/08 11:36 the Muse:

    hey Allysia-May!

    Missed ya 😉

    Thanks honey!

    I look forward to the day you do a bold look 😉 I’m going to try and convert you!


  • 3/31/08 14:17 Sminkan:

    Well, I always do 80’s looks, I think. more or less. I’m kind f trapped in that decade. 😉
    This one is a favourite of mine and I remeber loking sort of like this when I was 15…

    Hope it works with the link…

    Anyway, you look fabulous!


  • 3/31/08 12:32 Lakia:

    Love the eyes, orange hair would have really set it off. 😉


  • 3/31/08 13:25 the Muse:

    thanks lakia 😉

    wish I could pull off the orange hair too 😉



  • 3/31/08 13:27 BeautyTalk:

    Style Mynx looks fierce on you!


  • 3/31/08 13:45 yummy411:

    i’m loving this! this is so much fun! thanks for participating!


  • 3/31/08 15:31 Mrs. Lynne, MakeupFix.net:

    GOD, i love it girl!!! those colors are amazing! you did one fantastic job hun.


  • 3/31/08 16:07 Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict:

    rawr! i love the bright fuschia eyeshadow that you used, it’s the perfect 80’s color! great job! 😀


  • 3/31/08 17:26 Divine Blackness:

    Girlfriend, you are rockin’ this! I haven’t touched my Firespot in a minute and now I want to go home and play! Fabulous job!


  • 3/31/08 18:20 the Muse:

    hey BeautyTalk!

    Thank ye 😉 *hugs*


  • 3/31/08 18:21 the Muse:

    thanks kia 😉 I loved yours too! it was adorable. Too bad we can’t find some LA Gear’s that we can rock out together with :)


    Until the next challenge!


  • 3/31/08 18:23 the Muse:

    hey sminkan!

    LOL! My sister is too 😉

    oh my that’s killer!!! I love it!

    reminds me of ziggy stardust for some reason!

    freaking a! Love it! I can never get a nice angle/cat eye with my looks as my eye is too wide to make it look good. You’re rocking that look! i love the pink!

    Thanks for sharing!


  • 3/31/08 18:24 the Muse:

    hey mrs lynne!

    you totally rocked yours!

    Thanks 😉 *hugs* not as good as yours lovie!

    I owe you an email *blush* do forgive me?


  • 3/31/08 18:25 the Muse:

    hiya Christiana!

    Thanks!!!!!!!! I LOVED yours! and your video!!!!!!!!




  • 3/31/08 19:12 Bliss:

    Oooo definately an 80’s rock chic look :D, the colours so eye popping! You carry it off beautifully.


  • 3/31/08 21:06 slvrlips:

    Hey Muse,
    You did an excellent job. I love the orange and fuschia combo very hot and very 80’s
    Can’t wait for the next challenge


  • 4/1/08 9:10 the Muse:

    aw thanks bliss 😉



  • 4/1/08 9:11 the Muse:

    hiya slvrlips!

    Thanks lovie 😉 I loved your look as well :)

    Can’t wait for a new challenge too :) we should do something 60’s inspired hehe!



  • 4/1/08 10:50 missjaclynrose:

    love love love the bright colors you used. you look lovely!


  • 4/1/08 13:32 the Muse:

    Thanks Missjaclyn 😉



  • 4/1/08 18:03 Gee:

    You are so rocking it!! Love it!!


  • 4/1/08 21:52 (g)ezebel:

    oh.my.god. i looooved cyndi lauper back in the day. even dyed my hair, oh, okay, sun-in killed my hair orange, and i hacked off the left side of my hair to be like her!! and i did it the summer before senior portraits, and my mom was sooo pissed. in my senior pics, my hair was dyed jet black, and you can see the left side of my hair growing out where i chopped it off. heehee!

    anyhoooz, you know i loooove this shimmery glittery fuschia orange look..!! :0)


  • 4/2/08 7:54 the Muse:

    thanks gee 😉

    Love ya!


  • 4/2/08 7:55 the Muse:

    hey gez!

    Me too! LOL I can’t lay claim to orange hair! I’d have loved to see that look on you 😉

    LOL!!!! You gotta post those pics up! We wants to see! 😉

    Thanks honey *hugs*


  • 4/7/08 2:43 Mrs. Lynne, MakeupFix.net:

    Hi Musey! I’m embarrassingly behind on my emails girl (clearly that’s evident seeing that I’m only answering this comment now, lol!). You are sooo forgiven, hah!


  • 4/7/08 14:20 the Muse:

    oh lord honey me too! me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks 😉


    Hope you’re well darling!


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