MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation

The idea of a mineralized foundation from MAC doesn’t get me to excited. I don’t use mineral foundation because I simply loath it!

However, this particular one intrigues me as it has an SPF of 15!


I may have to try it as a finishing powder! This is available now from Nordstrom.

Wanting this?

Loving the idea MAC is getting into minerals?

Tell the Muse!

  • 3/24/08 20:29 MandyPandy:

    If MAC’s previous ‘mineral’ forays are any indication, this stuff will contain as much mineral content as a multivitamin pill. Just kidding; it’ll probably contain less. Methinks this stuff will be too cakey to use as a finishing powder.


  • 3/25/08 3:53 loey:

    I need to know what goes into it!
    But then again, this sounds more like the loose form of the dome mineralized foundation more than mineral foundation as we know it.
    Anyway, the applicator looks tacky. I seems like the velvet puff that comes with select sheer pressed powder, that gets “warm” if you try to drag it across skin. Me no likey. Haha.
    I love mineral foundation; tad messy, but they work for me. 😀


  • 3/25/08 4:39 the Muse:

    hey mandy :)

    How are you? I mizz you!

    I think you might be right 😛 Way too cakey. Oh well a girl can hope 😉

    The applicator looks interesting ’nuff!


  • 3/25/08 4:41 the Muse:

    hiya loey!

    Curious as well about that!

    I think the promise of coverage could be better then what we get from say BE

    I actually kinda sorta like the applicator. Looks interesting.

    I like this b/c it reminds me of the Dior blushers and the aube one. It makes application kinda easy. But you’re right they do get kinda warm and strange feeling heehee!

    I normally don’t use mineral foundation as it cakes on me. Too dry skinned for it sadly ;(

    Thanks for the comment lovie!


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