More Heatherette Swatches!

When I did my original post for Heatherette swatches I was having a difficult time getting a light enough image of the beauty powders so I swatched them on white paper!

Hope this helps for those of you curious about the Beauty Powder colors!

I also forgot to do the pigment swatch so that’s here as well 😉

Top to Bottom: Pink Pearl Pigment, Alpha Girl Beauty Powder, and Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder

  • 3/25/08 7:41 Becky:

    Smooth Harmony really looks great! At first I found it a bit muddy but the more swatches I see, the more I love it… I’ll hope the collection comes to Europe because there’s no releasedate yet (fingers crossed)


  • 3/25/08 13:39 the Muse:

    hiya becky!

    smooth harmony is a bit muddy but it applies very nicely!

    I’m positive it’ll come your way!!!!

    Europe isn’t so far behind us!


  • 4/3/08 2:22 Julie:

    Thanks for doing this 😀

    Hehe, sorry about the delay!

    Pink Pearl pigment’s pretty and so is Alpha Girl but now I’m not so sure about Smooth Harmony.


  • 4/4/08 12:15 the Muse:

    you’re most welcome Julie 😉

    Smooth Harmony can be used for contouring and such 😛

    Not really worth it though as it’s a bit muddy!

    Don’t worry I’m sometimes delayed too 😉



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