My Celebirty Look-A-Likes

I decided to do one of these “Celebrity Look-a-likes” after seeing them on a few other blogs! I’m scratching my head wondering how my celebrity look-a-like falls into the Beyonce and Eva Langoria range!

I thought for sure after putting my picture up it would compile and come up with images of Roseanne Bar, Rosie O’Donnell, and if I was lucky by some chance maybe they’d stick Mia Tyler in there!

But I somehow got lucky. I really couldn’t care less about Eva Langoria but hell I don’t mind being compared to Beyonce but above all else they went and released my inner Asian and I’m now on par with the likes of Aya Matsuura.

I feel like I’ve arrived. Aya Matsuura! Am I awesome or what!?

Now another one I’m properly chuffed with is Brigette Bardot. Wow…I’m a sex symbol now baby!

Upload your picture at My Heritage website and tell me who your Celebrity Look-a-Likes are!

  • 3/7/08 13:13 Anonymous:

    This is so strange…I was doing this thing a few days ago too! I have no idea how I found it but it’s kind a cool. But then I got bored,lol!
    this is interesting too… !!!


  • 3/7/08 17:42 Dalenna:

    actually, i do think aya matsuura resembles you most 😀 except that you have bigger eyes 😀



  • 3/7/08 22:20 nilla cookie:

    This looks fun – I must try it now too! :)


  • 3/8/08 18:37 (g)ezebel:

    girrrl, i would KILL to even resemble eva longoria…!!!


  • 3/9/08 0:37 the Muse:

    hi Anonymous!

    oh snap the morphthing is awesome! lol!

    What celebs did you get compared too!? Mine are nutty comparisons lol!

    I don’t think I look like any of those people!

    Thanks for the comment 😉


  • 3/9/08 0:38 the Muse:

    hey d!!!!!!

    AWWWWWWWWWWWW THANKS!!!!!!!! I love you too! I wanna be just like aya when I grow up 😉 But I prefer her exotic eyes to my own 😉



  • 3/9/08 0:39 the Muse:

    hey gez!

    LOL! Me too! Not so much the face but the body is definately nice! Wouldn’t mind that at all!

    hells you don’t need too look like her. You’re far better looking and gorgeous!


  • 3/9/08 1:13 Mrs. Lynne,

    Hello? Because you’re gorgeous MUSE!!


  • 3/9/08 1:28 ‘ * : . b | u 3 . : * ‘:

    haha because i saw this on friday i did mine too. i got aya matsuura as well – 3 times actually. also got oprah and beyonce, haha 😀

    Actually, I can see the resemblance to brigette Bardot ! :) its funny how you got such a mixed batch with eva, beyonce and aya thrown in…


  • 3/9/08 20:31 psychoexgirlfriend:

    Hey Muse, I can actually see a resemblance between you and Alyssa Milano for sure!


  • 3/10/08 7:23 the Muse:

    hey Mrs Lynne!

    Aw shucks thanks *blush*

    You’re too kind!



  • 3/10/08 7:25 the Muse:

    hey ‘ * : . b | u 3 . : * ‘!!!!!

    OPRAH!?!??!?! OH LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Weirdness! Aya Matsuura I can definately see some resemblance but Oprah?! No! LOL

    Thanks I wouldn’t mind being deemed in the bridgett bardot category at all 😉

    Eva I can kinda sorta understand and alyssa but not Beyonce or Aya….Beyonce’s bone structure seems way different then mine and Aya..I mean Aya’s gorgeous but no way do I even resemble her!

    It’s fix I tell ya! FIXED!



  • 3/10/08 7:26 the Muse:

    hi psychoexgirlfriend!

    Aw thanks! Now if I only I had her ultra slim body hmmmm……;)



  • 3/10/08 10:48 nilla cookie:

    I have no clue if I’m doing it correctly, because all the populates for me are Asian women – I don’t even know if they are celebs or not! 😉


  • 3/12/08 12:04 the Muse:

    hey cookie!

    hehe well you are asian 😉 lol!

    Who did you get? I’m like Mizz Asia when it comes to pop stars and celebs in Japan and Korea!


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