Sephora Urban Decay Makeover

Another interesting look from Sephora! I’m a tad bit scared as I believe rigamortis is setting in here!

Are you scared?

I am too.

I just want to know why she’s all pale under her eye area? What the hell happened?

I might have to avoid aquas from now on just in case I look like I’m sporting the new Zombie look!

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  • 3/7/08 8:34 MandyPandy:

    I happen to think it’s an interesting take on the raccoon-prostitute look. The before and after pics seem to have a ‘Raccoon-Virgin’ and ‘Racoon-Whore’ motif to them, respectively.


  • 3/7/08 9:16 the Muse:

    LOL Mandy!

    You’re so brutal!


  • 3/7/08 14:17 Row:

    I like the look. It would help me see in the dark…


  • 3/7/08 14:38 mayaari:

    whoa to the teal. WHOA. I personally like teals/blues, but g’damn! and I think someone went overboard with trying to conceal any undereye circles.


  • 3/7/08 23:10 Cosine:

    My goodness… I guess make up does not work the same way for all people. I think she’s better off without that freaky makeover! Honey, maybe you should check if u were browsing though those Halloween looks from last year?


  • 3/8/08 0:47 wen:

    yeah what’s wrong w sephora?
    she looks scary. o.0

    plus i think her lip colour before looks much nicer than the after one. haha. or maybe i just prefer natural nudes.


  • 3/8/08 18:39 (g)ezebel:

    i think they put too much eye brightener under her eyes. :0/

    girrrl, i finally saw that Pop Beauty palette in person, and i had no idea it was that tiny!! i just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. :0(


  • 3/9/08 0:30 the Muse:

    hiya mayaari!

    I really love teals but she looks sickly or something!

    And the concealing oh my. Jeez!

    I’m not artist and I’m not that fab at application but this just looks like a hot mess to me 😉

    Happy Weekend!


  • 3/9/08 0:31 the Muse:

    hey cosine!

    LOL agreed!

    Very scary LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I love teals and aquas but this is wrong!



  • 3/9/08 0:32 the Muse:

    hey gez!

    A bit too much for shizzle 😉

    It is pretty tiny :( le sigh but good news I have an alternative that I’ll feature on my blog soonish! and cheaper! Like $3.99!!!!!!!!!!!




  • 3/9/08 1:34 ‘ * : . b | u 3 . : * ‘:

    looks like maybe they put a lot of powder to catch fallout and didn’t get to swipe all of it away for the pictures?…bleh that “makeover” is horrible, i’m sure the poor woman was thinking wth…hehe 😀


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