Vote Cookie!

If you’re a beauty blogger chances are you know a sweet little lady by the name of nilla cookie aka Lilan. Lilan has been commenting and reading Musings of the Muse for quite a while now and has been a fast friend of the Muse’s. I see her about bringing a bit of sunshine to beauty bloggers everywhere with her friendly comments and sweet nature!

Chances are you love her as much as I do so why not show her a bit of that love and vote for her wonderful blog, the Daily Cookie, at the Glam Media 2nd Annual Glam Network Awards.

Lilan’s blog, the Daily Cookie, has been nominated for Beauty Publisher category! How exciting! Congrats Mizz Cookie!

You might want to show the Daily Cookie and it’s author a little love and support by heading over to Glam Network and casting your vote! Click here to participate!

Keep in mind you can vote once a day up until April 10, 2008 so if you have a spare second during the day definately head over and have a quick click!

Congrats Lilan!

  • 3/13/08 20:20 Mrs. Lynne,

    Aren’t you so sweet! I totally voted!


  • 3/14/08 15:09 nilla cookie:

    Aww you are such a sweetheart!!! The Muse has been very good to the Cookie and she’s so glad to have made such a sweet friend :)


  • 3/14/08 15:56 the Muse:

    aww thanks Mrs. Lynne!

    Lil will totally appreciate your vote :)


  • 3/14/08 15:57 the Muse:

    hey lil!

    Love ya 😉

    blogging world is a whole lot sweeter with you in it 😉


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