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Just a friendly little reminder about BPAL!

The New Atomic Luau Lounge oils are being removed on the 23rd of April so now might be a good time to place an order!

It’s rare BPAL does blends like this which are fruity in nature so if you’re seeking a beautifully fruity, summery blend you might want to check these out!

I ordered the entire Bar series which included:

Blue Fire: A papaya, blueberry, lemongrass, and gin blend!
Golden Wave: A tangerine, gin, passion fruit, guava, and tonic blend!
Rangoon Riptide: A pineapple, mandarin orange, raspberry, passion fruit and rum blend!
Screeching Parrot: A rum, apricot, pineapple, pink lime, and ginger blend!
Te Po: A Jamaican Rum, almond, orange, sugar, lime, mint, black cherry blend!
Upa Upa: A rum, coconut, pineapple, vanilla blend!

They all sound quite yummie and I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival! The Collection ends on April 23rd as I mentioned above so you might want to wander on and grab a few or all!

I also ordered several sets from the Stardust series as I haven’t had a chance to try out two of the blends from the collection which are Fairy Wine and Fairy Market. Eager for those two to complete my collection!

Anyway a little BPAL babblings for those of you that adore the Lab as much as I do!

Clueless about BPAL?

Click over here for my introduction on what BPAL is, where you can buy it, etc…!


  • 4/23/08 0:50 lilita:

    Hello Muse
    I would love it if you could review scents in your BPAL collection! I am new to BPAL, very curious and frankly, quite overwhelmed by the massive selection. Screeching Parrot appeals to me, as does Golden Wave. I am also interested in the Bath oils? Have you tried these? – lili


  • 4/23/08 7:11 the Muse:

    Hello lilita,

    I have ALOT love :) anything in particular you’d like reviewed?

    It is massive indeed. These newest ones are amazing :)

    I have tried the bath oils and they are lovely however I don’t like the oily feel so I only ever purchased one 😉

    Remember these are gone on the 23rd so if you want them get them now 😉


  • 4/23/08 13:30 lilita:

    OK… it’s almost the 23rd so I better hurry! Does BPAL really take as long to ship as they say they do? (2-3 weeks! yikes) I definitely want to go to the next Full Moon event. I am in L.A. – yay!

    Would you mind reviewing say… 3-5 of your favorite BPAL fragrances?


  • 4/23/08 13:36 the Muse:

    hi again lilita :)

    I’d be happy to review a few. I’ll do it tonight!

    Lucky you! Experiencing a bit of lunacy :) I heard it’s absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    You might want to wait for the full moon and you may be able to nab these at the Lunacy as they occasionally have these 😉

    The newest CD Collection will be up soon too I suspect around the next full moon!

    And yes sadly it’s 2-3 weeks :(

    Or more at times.

    It appears that I ordered these on the 9th I think and I’m still awaiting :)

    Soon I hope they’ll arrive!

    I’ll do a review on some scents tonight for you!

    anything you favor?

    florals, fruity, foody?


  • 4/23/08 14:51 lilita:

    thank you so much!!!!
    I am not really into florals if they are too sweet. I like fruity/citrussy and drinky (< –is this a category? LOL). And foody/desserty also if not too sweet :)


  • 4/24/08 19:52 the Muse:

    no problem love :)

    I’m sorry I didn’t get to it but shortly I will!

    Drinky is a category lol! and you’ll be happy to know that some Bpal is themed for drinks such as one called Hamptons which is a fav of mine and smells of a cosmopolitan cocktail :)

    I’ll do up some that are in the general catalog as LE’s will be too difficult to locate 😉

    Actually I’ll do a bit of GC and a bit of LE so you can get a feel for it!

    Give me until monday or so!



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