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UPDATE: Sadly, they do not ship internationally! I’m so sorry guys :(

Hey guys!

I think I was a bit vague yesterday! Sorry about that.

My original post about MAC DressCamp and ordering it have a confused a few folk!

Here’s the info:

MAC Pro in Soho is where you can get this Collection :) If you’re outside of New York and within the US call the following number: 212-334-4641 to place your order! The charge per an order for shipping within the US is $7 USD so take advantage maybe and order items and colors you can only get within a MAC Pro Store! Believe me quite a few items and colors are exclusive to Pro Shops and well worth having a look at! Click here to visit the Pro Official Website (Take note of how many pigment colors they have in comparison to what you’d see at your normal counter or regular free standing store! Nice selection right?!).

If you’re in Canada, Europe, Asia, Etc…you can call but I really have no idea if they ship outside the US! I’m headed out the door to work so I’ll call when I get to my office and do an updated post about whether they ship worldwide or not!

They open at 9 AM I believe so call first thing in the AM!

Click here to visit with the beautiful Janice at Specktra Blog for updates on which locations have the collection! Again, the collection is not available in freestanding stores or counters just Pro shops! You can’t call Pro directly either to order you must call a freestanding MAC Pro Store. A list of the very few MAC Pro Stores is available from Specktra.

Good Luck scoring this beautiful and coveted collection!

Do comment and let me know if you get lucky today! I’d like to know all my readers are safe and sound and have the pretty MAC in their possessions hehe!

  • 4/17/08 6:20 PaoPao:

    I think they don’t ship outside the US territories :(


  • 4/17/08 7:15 the Muse:

    sniff :(

    I called this morning and only with the US :(

    I wish I could somehow get it for everyone :(



  • 4/17/08 7:26 Emilee @ GMM:

    Oh, temptations! I originally decided it was a sign that I do not need it…but then I found out that it was available in select stores. :(

    Thanks for the info! My finger is on the send button as I type. 😉


  • 4/17/08 7:32 the Muse:

    hehehe emilee :) I’m terrible at getting people to spend money 😉

    I hope you can get it 😉

    Btw I dupped your cranberry look this morning! You look much better in it than me though! That was some amazing look! I’d never have thought to pair up Mi’Lady with Cranberry!



  • 4/17/08 10:13 Poconos15:

    YAY! I just called the Soho store & scored 1 pallette…that’s all they had left. I did have to call about 10 times before it stopped going to the messaging system and I got a real person. Thanks so much for posting this!!!


  • 4/17/08 10:49 the Muse:

    hi poco! I’m so happy for you! That’s so fantastic :) I’m glad to be of some service 😉

    You’re most welcome!

    The palette, in my opinion, is the best piece in the collection!


    Maybe you’ll share an FOTD with us!


  • 4/17/08 15:28 Gee:

    OMG! I was calling for like 40 minutes straight because I kept getting this verizon message! I finally got through and she was like all we have left is the palette and the gold gloss! I said I’d take both, and then she said oh wait, I think we just sold the last one, I only have the palette!!!!!!!! I was like ahhhh…So I got a palette and that’s all 😛

    I really wanted the lipstick to be honest, but oh well. I even called the Frisco store and they said they only receive 6 of each item and that there was already a line outside plus they don’t ship anyway.

    Did you get anything?!? I was thinking while I was calling “I bet the Muse is picking hers up RIGHT NOW while I get this stupid verizon message over & over & over…”

    P.S. Are you sure it’s a Pro store? I called some other MACs and they said it was just a regular store 😛 IDK, you would know better hehe.


  • 4/17/08 21:41 ‘ * : . b | u 3 . : * ‘:

    aww that sucks they don’t ship internationally. thanks for checking for us though 😀


  • 4/25/08 9:29 the Muse:

    gee I’m so sorry! Thought I answered this and ends up I didn’t!


    WOW 40? Holy cow!

    At least you got the best pieces. I didn’t like the pinks at all!

    Oh no :( so you didn’t get she gold?

    But that’s ok as the palette is rocking!

    Have you got it yet? I’ve been to busy to drop by your blog and see your latest hauls :)

    I can’t believe how limited this collection was!

    By now you know I hauled it all hehe!

    LOL I feel bad now hehehe as I might have been there and you were on the other end getting the vmail!

    Sorry it’s actually regular store. my goof!

    I kept saying pro store pro store and I was too lazy to correct my posts 😉

    Sorry again ’bout the delayed reply!


  • 4/25/08 9:30 the Muse:

    hi’ * : . b | u 3 . : * ‘ !

    Sorry ’bout the delayed reply.

    My pleasure. I wish I could have gotten it for everyone that wasn’t in the US :(

    Sad they don’t ship WW!


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