Milani Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off @ CVS Next Week

Hey There, Hi There!

Quickie post to let you know that Milani is Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off @ CVS starting Sunday!

Good time to pick up some of the Sparkling Wet/Dry Eyeshadows myself and the rest of the Blogsphere have been raving about!

Click here if you missed my review on the eyeshadows!

  • 4/17/08 20:56 Postpet2:


    thank you so much for posting this. I belong to the group of international readers who get to travel to States occasionally in a year and wouldn’t want to miss out on such good deals.

    How can i get hold of such booklet? And if i need a CVS card to get the discount?


  • 4/18/08 4:10 Beauty Addict:

    Hi Izzy, I’m so excited! Just heard that Milani is going to be launched in SG! I’m so dying to be able to play with the colours in person :)

    But I guess the prices will be ridiculously marked up as with NYX cosmetics.

    However it’ll be good to check the colours in person before ordering them online eh? 😉


  • 4/18/08 14:26 the Muse:

    hey postpet!

    You’re most welcome :) I heart my international readers so much as you guys make up over 90% of my readers :)


    These are normally available outside the store when you come in or you can ask a sales rep for one. Or sometimes the store posts it on a bulletin board somewhere in the store (normally at the entrance).

    If you have friends that live in the US you can get this in the mail or you can buy the local paper to the area and it should be tucked in there on Wed or Friday :)

    CVS has a discount card and it’s completely free. When you go in just ask to fill out for one :)


  • 4/18/08 14:27 the Muse:

    hey gracie!

    I HEARD! I was spinning in circles :) w00t! Milani does ‘pore!!!!!!!!

    If you need anything that you are unable to find in ‘pore don’t hesitate to email me I’m happy to help 😉

    I was looking at the prices and it wasn’t too bad compared to ours!

    Cozy has a thread about it with prices :)

    absolutely true! You can’t swatch but it’s nice to see them up close and personal!


  • 4/19/08 2:17 Beauty Addict:

    Hi Izzy, thanks for da info! Anyway what is Cozy? And u mention in a comment that SG has KP. hmm..maybe u can enlighten me on what’s KP? Thanks and happy weekend! :)


  • 4/24/08 19:42 the Muse:

    hi gracie!
    Sorry for the delay in replying!

    I’m somewhat behind in comments :)

    Cozy is a cosmetic/skincare/makeup/clothes/etc…forum :)

    Lots of fellow singaporeans are on it :) surprized you aren’t on!

    kp= KesalanPatharan

    Happy Weekend again hehe as we are at a new weekend and I’m just reply!

    *smacks head*


    Sorry honey!


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