US Drugstore Steals and Deals

A few readers had expressed absolute delight and curiosity when I had posted a few of the sale pages from various drugstores here in the US a few weeks ago!

So I thought I’d do so again! Bit boring if you live in the US and are privy to this stuff all the time but I think it’s a bit fun for folks living in Europe, Asia, Etc…!

Soooooooo enjoy!

The following are taken from various sale pamphlets from CVS, Walgreens, Etc…!

Something that might particularly interest international readers is the money back guarantee on cosmetics!

  • 4/18/08 4:06 Beauty Addict:

    Oh my, Izzy u guys are so lucky with the great offers! We do not have such great offers! We do not have so much drugstore brand available to us :(

    The range for Mabelline and L’oreal is rather limited here in SG as well. Mineral Makeup is barely heard of here. L’oreal’s mineral powder has only been launched here not too long ago.

    Prices are a tad higher here as well.

    *Sigh* Why don’t we have Cover Girl and Max Factor over here :(



  • 4/18/08 7:07 the Muse:

    hey you! good morning :) (evening for you)

    I know :( But at least you have awesome counter brands like Laniege :) and KP!

    More and more US Drugstore Brands are introducing Minerals Foundation, blushes, etc into their lines!

    I didn’t know you guys didn’t have CG! I thought it was just about everywhere :) If you need anything do let me know. I’m a bit slow but I’d be happy to help!



  • 4/19/08 2:10 Beauty Addict:

    Hi Izzy, yup we do have brands like Laniege, The Face Shop, Missha and Skin Food in sunny SG but the prices here are so much more marked up than the Korean prices :(

    Laniege brings in limited items to SG esp the LE items we hardly do ever get them or they are not available at our side at all.

    Oh I must go to a Cosmetic Company Outlet(CCO) if I ever go to the US. Heard of so many fab buys in there :) Anyway Izzy, do u have any CCO near your place? Do you shop there often?

    Happy Weekend! :)


  • 4/19/08 16:16 Emelie:

    Oh. Why does makeup have to be soo expensive here in Sweden.?!!! It retails for like the double that it does in the US.

    It was fun to see the commercials :)


  • 4/22/08 7:42 the Muse:

    hey gracie!

    I keep getting confused with your nick hehe :)

    I know sigh :( sucks. Similar problems with Japanese cosmetics online!

    Laniege is such a great line it’s a bloody shame you’re unable to get the LE’s :(

    I have a CCO about an hour away from me :)

    Funny you mentioned it as I did a post recently about what I hauled from there :)

    I got about once a month or so? They have some amazing buys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prices can’t be beat 😉 Do check on my post and see what I nabbed you’ll be shocked at the great prices!

    Hope your weekend was fab lovie!
    Happy Tuesday!


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