Grrr Blogger Sucks!

Well….Blogger totally sucks!

It took all the comments and posted them ahead of time! Without any help from yours truly.

So the answers to our contest are in ahead of time!

That stinks!

But the good news is you can of course still enter to win!

Try not to cheat and look through comments! 😉

Good Luck!

  • 5/20/08 10:59 Nic Nic:

    lol i didnt actually googled 😛 I watched it last week LOL. the girl is really pretty so thats why i recognised her face hehe.


  • 5/21/08 13:14 the Muse:

    hey nics :)

    oh no I firgured you’d know 😉 as you’re in England hehe!


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