Summer Collections 2008: Bourjois Paris Rouge Hi-Tech Long Lasting Lip Tint

I spy with my little eye something new from Bourjois Paris!


I haven’t seen this on Sephora nor have I seen it on the Bourjois Paris US site but it has popped up in a duo package at!

I wants it! I wants it now!

If you’re as antsy as I am to get your hands on some type in Item Number A50998 at QVC and grab it up!

The duo comes with an Eau de Gloss and a lip tint!

Want it?

Loving it?

Tell the Muse!

  • 5/27/08 16:08 Allysia-May:

    I saw these in town today and i have to say they didn’t look as impressive as they do in pictures.

    FYI: i’m relocating to Australia in July, yeeha!!!! I actually need to overhaul my skincare and cosmetics to suit the weather there as i need something thats heatproof and loadsa sun protection. Any ideas?


  • 5/27/08 20:58 ellery:

    apparently it’s new since it’s on the front page of the uk bourjois website.

    i love lip tints and i love bourjois so i’ll definatly be trying them out!


  • 5/27/08 21:01 the Muse:

    hiya Allysia-May!

    Lucky! Nothing here yet 😛

    Oh poop you killed me lemming :) hehe!

    Oh my god! lucky you! how exciting 😉

    My BF used to always say that England sent all the convicts to Australia lol! Did you do anything wrong that they are sending you down under? Only kidding!

    I’m jealous! I’ve never been and I’m positively gagging to go!

    Oh lordie. So many products…Hmmm must think and do a special post for you on good skincare and long lasting foundation for Summery weather 😉

    Congrats Enjoy!


  • 5/27/08 21:04 ellery:

    aha! silly me.

    i looked to see how much they are on the boots website and they’re on sale for 5.75, yay!


  • 5/27/08 21:14 the Muse:

    oh lucky!
    Maybe I’ll ask a mate to grab these for me!

    I looked but nothing yet on Sephora 😛 and only one color on QVC!


    Lucky girl!


    Stop back and tell us how they are 😉

    Thanks for the comments!

    A good morning to you (if you’re in the UK)…as for me…it’s almost time to call it a day 😉


  • 5/27/08 21:42 Beauty Addict:

    Hi Izzy, that looks promising. Except the bottle. Looks a little bulky to me. I guess this is sreplacing their previous lip tint?

    gracie :)


  • 5/27/08 22:38 the Muse:

    hiya gracie


    I kinda sorta dig it. It’s identical to the bottle for the liquid eyeshadows I reviewed. At least it’ll be nice and fresh as it’s double sealed 😉

    Do you mean the pencils they have? The lip stain pencils? Those haven’t been around in a while and man did I dig ’em!


  • 5/28/08 0:45 PaoPao:

    I have seen and tried them! They look good, better than eau de gloss 😉 And there are some gorgeous colours!


  • 5/28/08 9:56 Laura:

    I tried a tester of the pink one today. Gorgeous colour, but left my lips feeling really dry.
    I still might go back and buy it though…the colours are beautiful.


  • 5/28/08 11:02 the Muse:

    hey pao pao 😉

    Loving the colors also happy they didn’t overwhelm me with like 10 colors…it’s a nice small selection :)

    You’re so lucky as these aren’t around yet here :( I’m thinking the fall at this rate damnit!

    Hope your well!


  • 5/28/08 11:09 Laura:

    It’s most definatly a stain. Really feels like you’re wearing nothing on your lips at all! The colour lasts well, too.
    I could probably pick you one up tomorrow if you are desperate to try it, and get it in the mail Friday? Let me know, it’d be no trouble =)


  • 5/28/08 11:25 the Muse:

    YAY! That’s great news as I’m a stain addict! Love it!

    Oh my gosh thanks Laura!

    I’d love it! Email me and I’ll send paypal is that ok!??!

    Let me know!

    Thanks so much honey! I can return the favor to if you need anything from here!

    I assume you’re in the UK?



  • 5/28/08 11:44 laura:

    emailed [I hope!]


  • 5/29/08 19:25 the Muse:

    thanks laura!

    You’re such a star :)

    Sorry for my delayed reply. comments are backed up 😉

    I can’t WAIT to try this!


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