Wendy’s Awesome Dior Collection

My very sweet reader and friend, Wendy, created some killer videos with her Dior Collection! She’s such a cutie I was utterly enthralled listening to her dutch accent (my x-boyfriend was dutch and had a similarly awesome accent!).

Do click here and have a visit with Wendy at her site Why Me Sweetie! Her blog is a fun read and I especially enjoyed viewing her Dior Collection!

Anyone for a trip to the Nederlands? Maybe if we are extra nice Wendy will let us pet and caress her Dior palettes (try not to drool on them!).

Whatta ya think?

Cheers Wendy! Gorgeous Collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5/8/08 23:57 Wendy:

    Aw Muse thank you ^_^ uhm i actually don’t really like to hear my recorded voice, it sounds strange haha! I’m glad that you like my collection though 😉 How many Dior palettes do u have actually? Any that I am still missing out? 😛 Right now i try to be picky, not to buy every single palette they release, only the cutest ones :) Btw the big palette which I saw is plain called “Diorissime Make Up palette” haha I just checked yesterday again in the store… I still want to buy the Gaucho palette as well… I might go for the pink version after all hehe 😀 x Wen


  • 5/14/08 12:49 the Muse:


    so sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve a bit swamped with comments! Sorry.

    I don’t either so don’t feel bad :) I hate hearing myself :)

    Your collection is awesome :) Mmmm I’m not sure how many I have. About 20? maybe more? I used to collect the “jewelry” but I stopped b/c I wasn’t making use of it which I finally convinced myself I was being silly about.

    Do you have the dior glam ones? I can’t remember if I seen them. And the dior blossom from Spring?

    I really like those gaucho ones!

    I’m the same. I’ve been picky about what I buy. I used to buy everything that was released but I got to being a bit more picky and make my selections according to whether I’ll use. I used to be like you and NOT use any of it but I’ve started to do so 😉



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