Gone Fishin’! Kinda.

The Muse is leaving on a jet plane….well…not a jet plane but a cruise ship! It’s almost the same thing anyway right?

I’ll be away from from June 2nd until June 14th. Umm yea totally screwed up on the dates duh…June 4th to June 14th…ahhhh that’s better!

I’m not bringing any geeky gadgets while I’m away…no cell phone….no powerbook….etc…

Which sadly means no blogging for 12 days! I doubt you’ll miss me as much as I’ll miss you!

While I’m away you can amuse yourself with some of my past posts!

Bon Voyage!

  • 6/3/08 20:17 *Jen*:

    OMG Izzy what am I going to do without your blog to keep my occupied? *Gasp* maybe I’ll actually get some studying done for the bar! :)

    I hope you have an amazing time on the cruise (btw I’m so ridiculously jealous you get to go away! my only “vacation” this summer is going to be a trip with my Sunday School students) and bring home lots and lots of goodies for us ooh and aah over. I’m going to miss you lots!

    Safe sailing!!!


  • 6/3/08 21:09 Erika/Makeup Bag:

    Have fun!!


  • 6/3/08 21:16 MC:

    Have a wonderful trip!!! XD


  • 6/3/08 22:21 ??neverenuf:

    I’m gonna miss reading your blog every morning. Have fun.


  • 6/3/08 23:35 Nell:

    Have a great vacation! I´ll miss you!


  • 6/4/08 0:18 PaoPao:

    Have fun at the cruise ship, remember to take your naughty nauticals haul with you! We’ll miss you!



  • 6/4/08 3:30 Shari:

    I’ll miss you with my morning coffee…but have a fabulous time!!! Enjoy your cruise.


  • 6/4/08 5:40 MandyPandy:

    Before you go, you need to read this:




  • 6/4/08 6:17 Emelie:

    Have a wonderful trip!


  • 6/4/08 6:45 Adina:

    Oh no, your leaving us?! :(

    We will miss you Izzy! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!


  • 6/4/08 7:29 Anonymous:

    ahh…i wish you a really fabulous & exciting trip~! hope we hear how it was in the next blog post ^^ i’ll miss your daily musings~~ ah my beauty blog roll just lost its major component~~ but thanks for letting us know~! anyways, have a great time ~!^^ hiromix


  • 6/4/08 8:21 Laura:

    Have a fantastic time honey! Hopefully your package will be waiting for you when you get back, too!


  • 6/4/08 9:11 Vichaya:

    Bon voyage!!!

    Have fun and maybe get something local brand? 😉

    See ya!


  • 6/4/08 11:37 Tracy:

    a cruise! how exciting! have a safe trip and have fun! where you headed to?


  • 6/4/08 11:40 Ellery:

    Aww, I’ll miss you on my daily blog routine! Have fun though!! 😀


  • 6/4/08 13:01 [a}:

    Ooh, a CRUISE–luxury, baby! 😀
    Have fun!!!~


  • 6/4/08 15:37 Gee:

    Have a great trip! And if you get this after you come back, hope you had a great trip :)


  • 6/4/08 17:35 nilla cookie:

    Gah! If I’d have known you were leaving me I could have said goodbye properly! My comp was so whack that one day – the internet connection was so spotty :(

    Hope you have fun my friend and get a great tan!! Oh and Where did you go?!


  • 6/4/08 19:00 Askmewhats:

    You are going to be missed dear Muse :) Enjoy the trip :)


  • 6/4/08 19:33 yummy411:

    we’ll miss you while you’re away!


  • 6/5/08 10:05 wen:

    Aye aye!
    I thought I could send my review of etude’s pore erasing base before you went off, but I didnt make it in time!

    oh well, i’ll wait til you get back!

    in the mean time, i shall try it a few more times just to make sure that i used it correctly, and the effects are constant. cos i might have done a blotched job on monday! i looked oddly white even aft foundation.



  • 6/6/08 14:49 Make-up Junkie:

    Have an awesome trip!! We will miss you also!


  • 6/7/08 22:55 (g)ezebel:

    hope you are having a fantastic time!!!!


  • 6/8/08 4:25 Julie:

    I hope you enjoy your trip :)


  • 6/8/08 20:50 Ann*:

    have fun izzy! we’ll definitely miss you too!


  • 6/9/08 0:44 Emilee @ GMM:

    Have fun!! :)


  • 6/10/08 0:40 rocketqueen:

    12 days??? *gasps* What have we done to deserve this? Lol, j/k, wishing you a happy trip! Bon Voyage!


  • 6/10/08 13:46 Ping.:

    i miss you muse and your post!! its like i don’t have things to look forwad to read :( haha but enjoy your trip k! tell us about it


  • 6/10/08 19:55 IRENE:

    hi! i just started my beauty blog and i added a link to your blog :) i hope you dont mind! :)


  • 6/15/08 18:24 the Muse:

    LOL Jen! have no fear I’m back now!

    The distraction was taken away but it’s back and in full force soon;)

    Thank you! It was really lovely :) Whatever you do this Summer, ENJOY =-) Doesn’t have to be a cruise or an exotic holiday :) surround yourself with great friends and you’re golden 😉


    Good to be back!



  • 6/15/08 18:25 the Muse:

    aw thanks erika :)

    It was truly fun :) But it’s always to get back into the routine of things again!

    Hope you are well!


  • 6/15/08 18:26 the Muse:

    hiya neverenuf!

    Thanks :) I’m back and your morning reads will be back in full force starting tomorrow :)


  • 6/15/08 18:27 the Muse:

    hey pao pao!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL! I surely did but I didn’t wear too much makeup! GASP! Can you believe it? I was some what subdued :)

    Hugs right back!


  • 6/15/08 18:30 the Muse:

    hey miss mandy!

    I missed you!

    I didn’t read it..let me see now!

    LMAO I had heard about this.

    I rather like the idea. They make a rather cute couple. No one would know the age gap 😉


  • 6/15/08 18:31 the Muse:

    Aww Adina I’m backs I’m backs :)

    It was lovely but it’s always good to come home too 😉


  • 6/15/08 18:32 the Muse:

    hi hiromix!

    Thank you kindly :) It was truly grand thanks!

    your blogroll?

    what happened?


  • 6/15/08 18:33 the Muse:

    hiya Vichaya

    Thanks honey! LOL I wish but sadly it was all the same ho-hum at duty free 😛


  • 6/15/08 18:34 the Muse:

    hiya tracy!

    Cruises are always good fun 😉 It was San Juan, Grand Turk, Bermuda, and St Thomas :) Very relaxing and HOT! 😉


  • 6/15/08 18:35 the Muse:

    hi a!

    LOL 😉 thanks! It was great fun 😉


  • 6/15/08 18:36 the Muse:

    hey cookie!

    Oh it’s ok lovie! It happens! I was hoping we’d have time for a nice long one but you had a bit of a connection prob! We’ll catch up soonish!

    You should give me a ring :)

    Thanks! I had a blast! San Juan, Bermuda, St Thomas, and Grand Turk!



  • 6/15/08 18:38 the Muse:

    hey wen!

    That’s ok! Send it whenever you are ready :) Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

    I was a tad bit white as well so I had to be sure to use less the 2nd time around :) Hope it worked the next times on you!


  • 6/15/08 18:39 the Muse:

    hiya gez

    thank you kindly :) It was fab!!!!


  • 6/15/08 18:40 the Muse:

    hi Emilee!


  • 6/15/08 18:41 the Muse:

    hi ping!

    Aww thanks honey!!!!!!!!!! I’m back lovie and better than ever 😉

    It was wonderful! Was nice and warm and relaxing :) Plenty of r and r :)


  • 6/15/08 19:14 nilla cookie:

    Grand Turk! How amazing! I went to Turks and Caicos last year. What kind of excursions did you do while you were there?

    We’ll definitely chat soon, Friend! Get some rest – it’s bad to the work grind 😉


  • 6/16/08 13:27 the Muse:

    hey cookie!

    Grand Turk is my fav island. So small and undeveloped! Pure perfection!

    Did quite a few bits while on shore…snorkeling, beachin’, eatin’ at the local eateries (had amazing seafood paella in San Juan), went to hamilton by ferry, touring, shopping :)



    was a good time!

    ugh! I needs a nap now please lol!

    *hugs* love ya cookie!


  • 6/16/08 14:00 nilla cookie:

    Sounds like you had an amazing time!

    The BF wants to go on a cruise for my 30th bday.. suggestions on good cruise lines for us young late 20s group? We are terribly afraid of dining with our beloved seniors 😉


  • 6/16/08 14:08 the Muse:

    hey mizz cookie! Was really great! Felt good to relax.

    It really depends on when you go. Totally understand “the fear of seniors”. If you go in the late Summer it’s terrible as kids/teenagers are everywhere and early summer is Senior overload at times. I find going in September is the best time. Good young crowd.

    Sadly you’ll run into the older crowd no matter what. They rule the sea lol!

    Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, and Princess are really fun and fresh but Royal Caribbean’s food sucks 😛 At least I thought it did and also really shitty wait times for dining rooms and such :(

    Another good one is Norweigian. The Dawn is a small ship but really really fun and a nice younger crowd.

    hope this helps =-)

    If you have any questions give a yell as cruising can be a very confusing experience sometimes such as hidden costs and the likes!


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