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Use code MACFF8 to enjoy 15% off your total! You can head into stores today to take advantage of the discount but you need an e-mail offer to print out! If you need the e-mail just let me know and I’ll happily forward it over!

W00t! What a great time to stock up on the new Summer Collections right?

What are you getting?

  • 6/16/08 10:13 Ethereal Prey:

    welcome back!

    none of the new collections have seriously wowed me…how sad…i just got some more 3d lipgloss, i love it, i’m addicted to it, and i’ll be so crushed when i can’t get anymore. yes i’m stocking up now! 😛

    I wonder if there is a tendertone equivalent.


  • 6/16/08 10:37 the Muse:

    hi Ethereal Prey!

    I must say me either. Although I did purchase some it hasn’t been anything I’m absolutely gagging over.

    3d lipgloss is my truest love. I have a raving review about it somewhere. Good purchase.

    tendertones just don’t do it for me in all honesty.


  • 6/16/08 12:39 Kai:

    Could you forward the e-mail for me? My email is

    Thanks so much!


  • 6/16/08 13:53 Tammy:

    I am so glad you are back! I missed you while you were gone! Hope you had a great time, you deserve it!
    I picked up Warming Trend (great neutral), Gulf Stream, and 1N & 3N lipglasses. I missed out on the N collection, so I was thrilled they still had these!!!
    Not a huge collection that I was thrilled with overall though.


  • 6/16/08 21:50 ???:

    hi darling!

    was wondering, is this applicable to malaysia too?

    if it doesn’t… it’s so sad for a poor girl like me 😛

    just started working, dun have much yet~

    oh! wanna ask, what’s ur tip in getting so many hauls? i can never have enuff money to get em all! and etude is opening in malaysia i think! will let u know further! 😀



  • 6/17/08 8:17 the Muse:

    hi kai!

    I sent it over yesterday! Hope you got it safe and sound :)



  • 6/17/08 8:24 the Muse:

    hi there tammy!

    Aw thanks! It’s nice to be missed :) It was really wonderful! I was happy to have the down time! I needed it!

    Nice Haul!!!!!!! They seem to have alot of little things hiding out in the cracks. I broke my Serenely while on vacation and to my surprize, after a quick search, MAC still had it available. I was shocked as I thought for sure it was gone for good!

    I agree collections overall haven’t totally thrilled me 😛 I’m not even hyper about color forums in all honesty.

    oh well!


  • 6/17/08 8:26 the Muse:

    hello plue!

    I doubt it honey :(

    I wish! As it’s a great deal isn’t it?

    LOL I’m not sure really. I have a separate checking account that I use for my makeup goodies 😉 I transfer a certain amount into it every month and debit it as I purchase makeup =-)

    Oooooooooooooo LUCKY! Etude House w00t!


  • 6/17/08 20:05 ???:

    it’s a shame! BOO!

    I think I should do that too! i spend too much and end up saving very little money or no money at all! But the items are so very attractive!!!!



  • 6/18/08 11:45 the Muse:

    if it was ongoing now I’d happily cp for you but sadly it’s over :(

    I always budget myself big time when it comes to makeup as if it was up to me I’d spend my life savings on cosmetics lol!

    It’s always a good idea just to put a little bit on the side every month for luxury items and the rest for retirement, household expenses, food, etc…=-)

    Just take it slow and build up! In time you’ll have tons of extra change :)


  • 6/18/08 20:15 ???:

    i think i will do just that! 😛

    thank you so very muchie dear!

    maybe i can do a CP for you on etude or anything if you need any 😛

    i think it’ll be cheap for you! since USD is very much stronger than poor old MYR 😛


  • 6/20/08 13:38 the Muse:

    =-) good luck!

    You’re most welcome me love!

    Oh that’d be lovely thanks! I can return the favor 😉

    I didn’t realize etude was available your end!




  • 6/21/08 2:27 ???:

    etude is gonna open soon here. i think from a week or so from now. keeping my fingers crossed 😛

    will keep u updated!


  • 6/23/08 8:42 the Muse:

    wahoo that’s exciting plue!


    Fingers crossed the prices are just as good as Korea!




  • 6/23/08 8:50 ???:

    i doubt the prices will be as good as korea. everything goes really expensive here. >_< laneige stuff in korea is kinda cheap, but when it reaches m’sian shores, OMG! it’s kinda expensive dy! same goes for skinfood and missha and the face shop. >_<


  • 6/23/08 9:15 the Muse:

    hey plue!

    Sad :( Here too. Not as bad as your side but prices have been on the rise for a while now!

    sigh :( Sucks!


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