Philosophy Purity Foaming Cleanser

I’m a huge fan of Kose Airy Whip. I buy it by the case and have it on hand at all times. It cleans my face beautifully, doesn’t dry my skin out, and I love all that foaming sudsy action! Plus did I mention it’s cheap?

I also happen to adore Philosophy Purity. Sadly, Kose Airy Whip isn’t as easy to get here in the US as Philosophy Purity.

Imagine my delight when I heard Philosophy was releasing a foaming cleanser. This combines the elements of my two favorite products into one cleanser! It foams, it cleans, and I suspect it won’t dry my skin out plus it’s easy enough to locate!

I must haves it now!

I’m really excited about trying this one out! I ordered some yesterday so expect a review shortly! It’s not as cheap as Kose Airy Whip but I am definately excited to see Purity’s formula in a foam cleanser! Sweet!

Want it?

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  • 6/17/08 11:50 Toya:

    I can’t wait to read your review! I enjoy the regular Purity Made Simple, and I’m sure I’d probably enjoy the foaming variety, as well.


  • 6/17/08 12:11 MC:

    I am SOOO trying this when it comes out. I love how the regular Purity cleans off all my make up, but I hate the feel of it on my face as it does feel kind of heavy. I love that a foam version is coming out!!!


  • 6/17/08 14:14 the Muse:

    hi toya :) I’m really excited. Stupid right? But I love foaming cleanser and this just combines all the elements of my two favorite products :)



  • 6/17/08 14:15 the Muse:

    hi there MC!

    😉 How are you today lovie?

    Hmmmm interesting you said so. I felt it was heavy too but it washes clean away which is great plus no drying phew :)

    I’m very excited about the “foaming” action! I can’t help it these silly things get me giddy hehe!


  • 6/17/08 16:27 Shari:

    I can’t wait for your review! I’ve been curious about trying this since too since I saw it was released.


  • 6/17/08 16:59 lisa:

    hey muse. i seen this on sephora & i was thinking about getting it but i’m so used to lush products i’m just not sure… if you pick this up could you please do a review of it. it would be greatly appreciated


  • 6/18/08 8:17 the Muse:

    hi shari!!!!!!

    I think it should be fab 😉 I’ll be reviewing later next week for you 😉

    be on the look out!


  • 6/18/08 8:19 the Muse:

    hi lisa!!!!!!

    I am used to lush as well but my main cleanser is purity 😉 My main skincare is Lush as well so I’m in the same boat as you lovie.

    I’ll definately review for you next week as I ordered it already 😉

    so long as you aren’t vegan it’s safe to say that product should be very good but await my review before purchasing as you never know if it’s a disappointment ;(

    thanks for the comment and hope to speak to you again really soon!


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