Shiseido Kesho Wakusei Summer Collection Line Up

Shiseido has you all covered on the Beauty on a Budget front for the Summer! If you’re wanting a cheap, inexpensive nail polish for the Summer you’ll find just what you need from the Shiseido Kesho Wakusei selection this season!

From what I can understand 5 new color selections are available at 450 yen each.


Loving this post? Search around my blog and you’ll run into more of Kesho Wakusei entries and reviews! Who doesn’t love cheap, cheesy brands right? The Muse says if it’s Japanese it’s all good! No questions asked.

  • 6/26/08 8:17 Beauty Addict:

    Hey Musey, the colours looks lovely. I haven’t heard of this brand under Shiseido though. Is this a new brand?



  • 6/26/08 10:17 the Muse:

    no lovie. it’s always been around it’s just available in and around really tiny markets in Japan. Sometimes Asian markets have the line as well. Very inexpensive stuff. I have a review on the winter collection somewhere! 😉

    It’s cute and cheesy!


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