Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Steals and Deals: Anna Sui and Vincent Longo

Bath and Body Works is slashing Awake cosmetic prices in half and not to be out done Victoria’s Secret has it’s fair deal of yummy sales during it’s Semi-Annual Sale this year.

Take a look for yourself and grab some while the grabbing is good!

Anna Sui Eye Color
$6.99 USD (Originally $17 USD)

Anna Sui Eye Liner Pencil $5.99 USD (Originally $16 USD)

Anna Sui Rouge “S” Shimmer Lipstick $6.99 USD (Originally $20 USD)

Vincent Longo Wet Diamond Sparkling Eye Shadow
$11.99 USD (Originally $24 USD)

Personally favorite of mine!

Vincent Longo Eyeshadow Trio
$11.99 USD (Originally $30 USD)

Vincent Longo Lip and Cheek Gel Stain $6.99 USD (Originally $22.50)

Another personal fav of mine!

The Semi-Annual is ongoing now so definately head on in to nab a few deals and maybe a steal or two!

Stop back here after your spree and tell me what you hauled!

I’m partaking of these deals for sure!

  • 6/18/08 18:58 the Muse:

    hi anonymous :)

    Ohhhh YES! I love the naughty line! I did a review on the palette a while ago! I know the exact stick you mean!

    Fantastic steal lovie! Ok I’m convinced must head to VS as soon as possible. I’m a bit of an online shopper as anytime I head in store everything is always so ruined :(

    Do you run into that at your local shops?

    I’m gonna head on out this weekend to indulge in the semi-annuals :)

    Thanks for the comment! hope we speak again soon!


  • 6/19/08 5:37 helly:

    but this stopped me

    $0.00 – 75.00 $ 27.99

    whyyyyy oh whyyyyyyyy. pokes with skewers


  • 6/19/08 6:36 the Muse:

    hehe helly! Anna Sui has been clearance on and off at VS for a while now!!!!!!!!



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