Coffret D’Or On Sale!

BoBoDave has a few steals and deals on Coffret D’Or’s original release collection. The prices are about $3-$4 higher than what you’d pay in drugstores but still much better in comparison to some sites that charge $10 or more on top of retail.

In particular the 3D Lightening Shine Eyes caught my eye for the reasonable price. Of course this doesn’t include shipping but still not a bad deal at all either considering that Ichibankao charges $44 USD per a palette!

3D Lightening Shine Eyes HK $180

This is a private sale available via e-mail only however you got your dear old Muse here to share it with you!

In order to take advantage of these sales you simply have to e-mail a list of the items you’d like to the following address

After that they will invoice you for your purchases and after payment they will ship. I’ve ordered from BoBodave about 5-6 times or more and always had a good experience with the customer service and fast shipping times however I have read many poor reviews as well but I’ve personally never experienced any problems with them!

Other items on sale:

Coffret D’Or Foundation HK $200

Coffret D’Or Full Styling Rouge HK $176

I don’t have any reviews on Coffret D’Or sadly as I am still in mourning over my beloved T’estimo so I haven’t really delved into the delightful world of Coffret D’Or quite yet. However, do click around below to find out why I’m missing T’estimo so much!

Happy Shopping!

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  • 7/14/08 9:00 helly:

    ahhhhhhh i wish they’d have a paul and joe special too :(


  • 7/14/08 13:48 the Muse:

    hehe helly if I find anything about one you’ll be the 1st I tell 😉


  • 7/15/08 3:13 helly:

    awwwwwwww, thanks honey =)
    gahhhh i’m still waiting from my aube palette from adambeauty. its been 3 weeks T.T no. a month. gahhhhh *cries*

    after your raves, i finally caved in and bought it, and ITS NOT HEREEE. ><”


  • 7/15/08 10:33 the Muse:

    3 weeks?!?! email him! It shouldn’t take that long! holy cow!


    Which palette? Shower eyes?

    God three weeks is ages definately email and ask after it lovie!


  • 7/15/08 19:45 helly:

    LOL i haveee!~ 😀 hahhaa, i didn’t want to be rude cos ppl’s parcels always seems to arrive a month later. well not always..but yea
    annd i got the slip today!! as it turned out, they sent the parcel to another post office, and never gave me the slip to collect it. bleh >< " bt i knew good old adam wouldnt fail me :P hahahhaha and yess, the shower eyes 😀 hehe so excited!! gahhh~~~ lol and i cant believe he sells for it so cheap!! 😛 *sigh* if only newer palettes and shadows are as creative and pretty and useful. lol


  • 7/17/08 13:30 the Muse:

    Aw I understand!

    damn :( PO sounds like it stinks as mcuh as ours here!

    I LOVE these! you must tell me how you like it :)


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