Hard Candy 50% Off Sale

I fear for Hard Candy’s life when I noticed that the entire site was marked down to 50% Off Everything!


Happy Shopping!

  • 7/3/08 9:41 Taryn:

    The line is finished at Sephora. They had everything marked at 50% off in the store yesterday, along with Bourjois. *cries*

    I got a quad from Hard Candy that has some neat colors. I feel really bad about these long-term brands getting the ax. HC and Bourjois have been in Sephora since at least 2002 when I made my first trip there!


  • 7/3/08 10:29 ~*MC*~:

    Hard Candy has disappointed me so much since the Mohajer sisters sold out the company. It seems like the quality and packaging has gone down hill. I also hate that they did away with most of their nail polish line which made them so famous. I actually have a stockpile of Trailer Trash nail polish because that is the best silver polish I ever came across.

    It’s funny how Urban Decay products have become better with age while Hard Candy decreased in quality.

    Hmm..while typing this, I think I have been inspired to write a new article. XD


  • 7/3/08 11:48 sarahPUFFY:

    …if only I had a debit card -.-‘


  • 7/3/08 12:13 Yellow Fever:

    eek! I’m going shopping…wait…i’m saving up for a traincase…well, maybe just one or two things won’t hurt-after all, its 50% off!


  • 7/7/08 3:53 the Muse:

    morning taryn!

    I think the line is done completely 😛

    I went to haul some but it’s completely sold out sadly 😛 I might order one or two pieces online!

    I’m going to miss BP more than anything else.

    I agree. HD was one of the first lines I began purchasing from. It’s rather sad it’s all downhill :(


  • 7/7/08 3:55 the Muse:

    morning mc!

    I concur. I noticed a big change in the quality and the releases.

    I think UD was about the same. The np’s kinda disappeared and that was what originally made the line so very popular. I hadn’t realized that HC was popular due to the np as well!

    HD went through a crummy period too where they rarely released anything. Which was rather a sad almost two year period.

    LOL! Awesome I look forward to reading it 😉

    Hope you had a fab weekend!

    Happy Monday love!


  • 7/7/08 3:56 the Muse:

    morning sarah!


    Head into Sephora they have a few odd pieces left :)

    Happy Shopping!


  • 7/7/08 3:57 the Muse:

    morning yellow fever!

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 50% seals the deal doesn’t it :)

    Don’t forget to grab some BP too..it’s 50% off as well!

    Happy Shopping!


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