Reader’s Request: Urban Decay Eye Shadow Swatches

A lovely reader requested swatches of Urban Decay eye shadows in Midnight Cowboy and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again!

I forgot who asked for these *blush* but here you go! Hope it helps! These are two of my favorite shades from Urban Decay!

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Request Away!

  • 7/9/08 11:08 Nosh:

    Thank you soooooooooo much Muse! I really really really really really really really really x100000 appreciate it 😀

    I think I have to go out and get both of these now, lol 😛


  • 7/9/08 11:49 the Muse:

    hiya nosh! Sorry for the delay getting them up 😉

    Aw you’re most welcome! I’m glad it helped!

    I love UD shadows :) Midnight Cowboy was my HG forever and a day =-)

    Wait until Sept or so I think they normally have 30% FF normally around that time again 😉


  • 7/9/08 22:57 Shefali:

    Are these e/s permanent? They are GORGEOUS…I only have one UD product (UDPP), but I’m considering these eyeshadows now, along with their 24/7 liners which have gotten good reviews on other beauty blogs recently :)


  • 7/10/08 7:26 the Muse:

    they sure are me love :) Thank god as they are favs of mine!

    I love UDPP 😉

    UD was my top brand for eyeshadows a few years ago but than I became a mac whore and kinda pushed UD to the back burner but I still have a great love for their shadows. Simply the best shimmer on the market!

    24/7 liners are realllly good…so soft and goes on goof proof and great colors 😉

    Def pick up some of their shadows :)

    If you need swatches of any let me know as I have them all aside from their mattes shades :)


  • 7/10/08 19:57 Imoen:

    then.. could you swatch ud acid rain , urb and green godess wet and dry? i have been obsessed with finding an alternative to mac metamorph which is impossible to find anymore. found someone who was willing to sell me one but they wanted 200$ for it. =/ ouch anyone?


  • 7/11/08 8:48 the Muse:

    hiya imoen!

    I can do dry but I won’t do wet sorry. As I don’t like to dip a wet brush into my shadows! hope that’s ok!

    OUCH! I remember paying $50 for parrot! EEP!!!!!!!

    I’ll do these on monday for you!


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