Reader’s Request: What Brush Should I Use with my MAC Mineralize SkinFinish?

MAC New View is near and dear to my heart right now as I am absolutely adoring the MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Duo which contains a shimmering side and a matte side! Obviously, I don’t have to explain why I love this now do I?

A few people e-mailed and commented asking what brush should they use with the MSF and I thought I’d do a quickie post showing what I personally use with mine.

If you have a spare chunk of change I highly recommend purchasing the Limited Edition Brush that released with New View which is the 189 Face Brush. It’s a fabulously dense brush that’s perfect for picking up a light dusting of powder and apply in select locations on your face without giving you a chalky, powder, made up look! This brush is particularly good if you sculpt and contour your face. I’m seriously lemming it just for using with my powders to give me light, natural coverage. However, the 189 is $40 USD and although I have a funny feeling I’ll be heading to MAC very soon to indulge my whim for an expensive brush there are alternatives.

I’m currently using the 190SE which is a similiar brush in style to the 189 but is much softer, less dense, and flatter rather than rounder. It’s truly great for picking up a bit of powder and blending onto face for natural, flawless, even coverage. This brush is actually a foundation brush but I have a second one I do use for my foundation and this one I use for placing powder just where I want it. It gives me a sheer amount of product that I can build up with ease while not appearing as if I’m wearing two tons of powder. It fits my under eye contour perfectly as well and works particularly great with Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder (Which I’m kinda liking lately!).

This brush is particularly a great mention since MAC is introducing the Nordstrom Exclusive Colour Forms collection shortly and the Basic Brush Set for $49.50 USD contains 5 brushes including the 190SE! That evens out to $10 USD per a brush where as you’d spend $40 USD and upwards for the full you can nab the mini version for way less!

I also use the mini kabuki which is not available at the moment from MAC but if ye seek ye shall find it on E-bay for $10 USD or so. It’s a mini version of the full size that is released with MAC Sonic Chic and I actually prefer this size to the larger as I feel I have more control on how much product I pick up! It’s ideal for buffing MSF onto the skin and creating a perfect canvas for makeup! Although it doesn’t offer as light a coverage as the 190SE does it works well at building coverage up and covering flaws and larger pores.

Both brushes are great for use with your MSF in the Muse’s opinion! Do look out for the 190SE in the new brush packs and check out E-bay to grab yourself the mini kabuki! Both work fabulously in conjunction with your MSF to create flawless, even, beautiful skin!

What do you use with your MSF?

Tell the Muse!

  • 7/15/08 8:19 Laurie:

    I have that brush too – from Novel Twist! I love it.

    For this though, I use the Bare Escentuals flawless face brush. I am in love with this skinfinish duo. The shimmer is oh so perfect at highlighting the face. I love it.


  • 7/15/08 9:35 the Muse:

    hiya laurie! Me too and one from the xmas sets :)

    Hmm I have a ffb! might have to try it with this too 😉

    I adore this and think I need a back up hehe..join me in my cause?



  • 7/15/08 11:46 Laurie:

    Haha maybe! But I’ve got NARS Fall collection on the brain right now. I am going to wait and check out the stuff in person but I’m lemming bigtime!

    Do you plan on checking out anything from that collection?


  • 7/15/08 13:25 the Muse:

    me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh! it looks quite nice.

    I think I’ll be hauling some of it for sure 😉 expect a review shortly! I already feel the need 😉 hehe!

    Must check my local counter to see it in person too!


  • 7/15/08 13:46 Stephy:

    Thanks Muse for writing this post!! This is so helpful! :)

    Man I wanted one of those brush sets, especially the 187 and 190!! But crap! they dont come in the same set! :(


  • 7/16/08 4:54 Paopao:

    Hi Muse!

    I use 187 😉 It’s my brush for everything, if it was smaller, I’d even use it for eye shadows!


  • 7/16/08 14:39 the Muse:

    aw you’re most welcome stephy :)

    my pleasure!

    Search ebay! put an SE at the end :) Sometimes you can nab a deal for $8-$10 😉

    Or even specktra 😉

    Or a local CCO :)


  • 7/16/08 14:40 the Muse:

    hiya pao pao :)

    My moral is if it’s bigger, blend with it hehe :)

    So even though it’s not small you can blend away with it 😉


  • 7/17/08 1:34 Rocketqueen:

    I adore that New View MSF! Have to get it! They haven’t hit the counters here yet but I’ve seen it in person. Goooorgeus! I love the 187 and 188 for this, also a sponge.


  • 7/17/08 13:28 the Muse:

    Linn I’m pretty ok with cps at the moment so let me know and I’ll grab it for ya!

    ooo a sponge is a good idea..maybe a little damp?



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